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Craig Schoenfeld's Guide for Effective Media Relations

Wednesday, 21 August 2019 12:30 PM

DES MOINES, IA / ACCESSWIRE / August 21, 2019 / Landing media coverage for your business is not as easy as you’d think; Craig Schoenfeld explains why.

Media relations has always been a vital part of business, although the process has changed over time as technology advances. Professionals can share information and important updates about their company to trusted outside sources. When that information is picked up by a popular news station or social media channel, the information spreads quickly to the public.

Getting a company’s news to land a spot in the media takes the time and talent of an experienced team. Whether it’s a groundbreaking new product, a political movement, or an impactful story, getting coverage in the media can make all the difference for a favorable outcome. A carefully crafted message can boost a company’s reputation and sales while raising brand awareness.

Craig Schoenfeld, President of CR3 Connect, explains how a qualified firm uses the following tools for a successful media relations campaign.

1. Prepare a Pitch

When crafting a pitch to a media outlet, Craig Schoenfeld recommends personalizing the message as much as possible. Think about who you are communicating with and how your content will best be interpreted. It’s essential to be as clear and straightforward as possible. Craig Schoenfeld notes that the pitch should be proofread and void of spelling errors.

2. Build Relationships

Emailing a pitch is a great first step to securing a spot in the media. However, Craig Schoenfeld points out that building professional relationships over time will help to secure larger placements in more prominent news outlets. Spend time outside the office engaging with reporters and journalists in your area to create real-life bonds.

There is no substitute for experience or the years it takes to form good relationships, which is especially important in times of crisis. Craig Schoenfeld started his business, CR3 Connect so that clients could use his extensive network for their immediate media relations needs.

3. Editorial Calendars

Gather and catalog company information on editorial calendars. Update them frequently and create a strategic media release plan based off of company events and news. Craig Schoenfeld explains that editorial calendars help keep the company on schedule while delivering updates to the public.

It’s important to be timely with both releases and the media inquiries that follow. Craig Schoenfeld believes that the media relations team should be prepared to answer any questions about the release quickly. Reporters and journalists are flooded with content and usually have limited spots on their schedule for new coverage. By being available to answer questions and schedule appointments, your story is more likely to be featured.

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