New Psychiatric Services Offered by Braden Counseling Center in Sycamore IL
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New Psychiatric Services Offered by Braden Counseling Center in Sycamore IL

Thursday, August 15, 2019 1:35 PM
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SYCAMORE, IL / ACCESSWIRE / August 15, 2019 / Sycamore, Illinois based Braden Counseling Center (BCC) recently announced they have added Psychiatric Services to their list of counseling services, allowing their patients to receive care for their mental health from a reliable local organization. Braden Counseling Center seeks to improve the lives of their patients by teaching them different skills to manage their lives, offering a flexible schedule and personalized treatment.

Braden Counseling Center remarks that psychiatry is an underrated branch of medical care, as many patients go undiagnosed for years due to the stigma that exists regarding the need to visit a specialist. They make it a priority to fight the stigma and prejudice around mental health by demonstrating the importance of being treated to their patients, and the different positive impacts that a timely diagnosis can have on their quality of life.

To meet this purpose, Amy Adams, a Psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner, will be joining the Center to take over responsibility for its psychiatric services. Adams says, "Many do not understand just how important it is to care for their mental health. They do not realize the negative impact it can have on their lives. Many patients have lived with their condition for most of their lives, and simply do not know how easily it can be treated. We'll work towards raising awareness on the symptoms of different conditions, as well as the different approaches to take when trying to treat them. I thank Braden Counseling Center for this opportunity, and hope that we will work together to achieve great things with our patients."

Adams received her Master’s Degree in Nursing from the Illinois State University, as well as a psychiatric certification from the University of St. Francis. Since then, she has gathered over 25 years of nursing experience in a wide variety of environments, caring for patients of all ages with different conditions and familiarizing herself with each one. She has been working as an advanced practice nurse for 12 years with an additional certification in family medicine. This additional training and experience have helped her assess and treat clients in a holistic manner, enabling her to obtain results that are comparable, and in some cases better, than traditional medicine. She has experience in treating anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and personality disorders, which are all part of the psychiatric services that Braden Counseling Center is offering.

Adams believes in sustaining a caring therapeutic environment and working with her clients to establish an individualized plan of care that fits their needs in order to achieve their goals. She states, "Getting to know my patients on an individual level allows me to assess exactly what is afflicting them. Once I know their afflictions and individual needs, developing the best way to treat their condition is much easier-and this is how I am able to ensure significant results. This is the method that I have determined works best for me. I have worked on developing it throughout my career."

Braden Counseling Center offers many different types of counseling services, allowing their patients to choose what fits their needs best and receive specialized attention for it. They assert that their team aims to make their patients as comfortable as possible, in an accepting environment that will promote their healing and growth. They say, "You will not be judged; instead, you will be met where you are in your walk-through life. Braden Counseling Center will teach you new skills and perspectives that will help you better manage your life."

The counseling services offered at Braden Counseling Center include Domestic Violence, DUI Counseling, Substance Abuse Treatment, Anger Management, EMDR Therapy, Drivers License Reinstatement, Individual Counseling, Family Counseling, and Couples Counseling. Residents from Rochelle, Sycamore, Elgin, Geneva, and Bartlett are encouraged to visit if they feel concerned about their mental health.

For more information regarding the new psychiatric services offered, interested parties may contact Braden Counseling Center. Those looking for counseling or psychiatric evaluations may visit the Center’s website and schedule a free consultation with the specialists, who will determine the best way to proceed.

For more information about Braden Counseling Center, contact the company here:

Braden Counseling Center
Brenda Butz
[email protected]
2600 DeKalb Ave Suite J Sycamore, IL. 60178

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