How IDRESE, a Direct-to-Consumer Brand, is Making Handcrafted Dress Shoes For $290 and Under
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How IDRESE, a Direct-to-Consumer Brand, is Making Handcrafted Dress Shoes For $290 and Under

Monday, August 12, 2019 4:10 PM
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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / August 12, 2019 / Five years ago, Jawad Malik, found himself in a predicament: he couldn’t find a well-built pair of shoes at a reasonable price. The shoes he could afford wore out quickly; but dropping $500+ on a longer-lasting pair was way out of reach. There had to be a middle ground. So, he decided to create a company offering just that: IDRESE.

IDRESE offers custom footwear at affordable prices, all at under $300.

The customer can select from a curated collection, or use a 3D design tool to create loafers, oxfords, boots, or sneakers in almost any color, design, and material imaginable.

The shoes are made in Almansa, the “shoemaking capital of Spain” also associated with global brands like Magnanni and Umber. Each shoe takes four weeks to create, uses over 150 steps, and is staffed by a team of 50 skilled artisans. This process includes a re-soleable Goodyear welted sole, corking, a metal shank, & top-grain hand painted leather.

Regularly compared to Allen Edmonds, Church’s Shoes, Too Boot New York, Ferragamo, & many other established luxury brands, IDRESE has become a true competitor in the premium footwear space in just under five years’ time by selling the same first-rate quality footwear at almost half the cost.

“We make them in the same European factories, using only top-grain Italian leather, but the only difference is that we take a lot less profit than other luxury footwear companies.” - Jawad says.


The answer is margins. Traditional luxury brands build a variety of extra cost into their shoes. In addition to labor, materials, and factory overhead, brands have to contend with wholesale and retail markup as well as retail expenses. They pass these costs onto the consumer through higher-priced goods.

Because IDRESE doesn’t have a traditional retail space and deals exclusively online, they don’t have many of these expenses and are able to pass the savings on to the consumers. In effect, the consumer is getting a much more expensive shoe for half of the retail cost.

And Jawad is okay with this

For him, the company is about something more than profit. IDRESE derives its name from the Islamic prophet Idris, a man known for his honesty and integrity. To Jawad, charging designer prices is an abusive tactic by global brands to squeeze more money out of consumers. He’s not willing to play by these rules.

In the end, the margins will sort themselves through volume purchases when the consumer realizes just what a value-added product IDRESE is able to offer for the price given.

In the companies’ ethos, transparency comes first.

IDRESE is there to create a rather unique experience for the customer. The name “IDRESE” also loosely translates to “Prince.” With a 3D customizer, they’re mission is allowing the customers’ imagination to run wild and make them feel like one.

That’s a fun choice to have.

For more about Jawad and IDRESE, you can check out and follow them on Instagram at @idreselabel.


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SOURCE: Vertabyte

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