Eric Toz Launches, The World's First Jewelry-As-A-Service Company
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Eric Toz Launches, The World's First Jewelry-As-A-Service Company

Monday, August 12, 2019 9:35 AM
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Company Update Will Power the Logistics and Supply Chain for Over 5,000 Different Jewelry Brands

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / August 12, 2019 / Eric Toz, Founder of, is pleased to announce the launch of the world’s first jewelry-as-a-service company.

To learn more about Toz and his strong entrepreneurial background, please visit

Toz is disrupting the jewelry industry by way of the supply chain. While many jewelry brands have great new product ideas, they might not have the experience or the desire to handle all of the more difficult tasks like production, logistics, warehousing or financing.

With an approach of “eliminating all the bottlenecks of scaling an e-commerce store” Toz created ShineOn, which, much like Software as a Service, automates most of the difficult tasks around supply chain and automation. Toz, who previously was a key member of a team that raised $25 million in venture capital for a handmade goods marketplace, saw an opportunity to automate this supply chain for digital marketers. His hypothesis was that in doing so, this would allow digital marketers to focus purely on selling and branding, allowing both his business and marketers businesses to scale without roadblocks.

“ShineOn will handle all the prototyping, logistics and the supply chain for 5,000-plus jewelry brands,” Toz noted, adding that his company has also started to co-design with jewelry brands, leveraging data from millions of orders that have already been placed.

“My team at ShineOn has already helped design over 8,000 unique items for the digital stores that rely on us for support.”

Speaking of the team at ShineOn, Toz noted that he is proud to employee 30 working moms to help run his company. His 85 percent female business works out of locations in New Jersey and Florida, and-unlike other drop shipping companies-they try to do almost all production in-house.

As Toz noted, he is not in the business of selling jewelry; he is in the business of helping people to launch their jewelry brand.

“As a store owner, all you need to do is create your brand and run traffic to your products; we’ll handle everything else so you can focus on growth and profits.”

About ShineOn:

ShineOn is a new Jewelry as a Service company that was founded and launched by Eric Toz. Much like Software as a Service, ShineOn will power jewelry brands. They are handling the logistics and supply chain for over 5,000 digital brands. For more information, please visit


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