The Universal Reputation System On Blockchain To Launch This December
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The Universal Reputation System On Blockchain To Launch This December

Wednesday, August 7, 2019 12:00 AM
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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / August 7, 2019 /U°OS Network - a blockchain with the universal reputation system - is planning to launch its mainnet in Q4 2019, according to their announcement made on U°Community website. U°OS team has specified the date of launch - December 1, 2019. The mainnet will allow developers to deploy decentralized applications on it. The potential use-cases are unlimited - the distributed reputation system can be integrated into e-commerce services, social networking sites, and even smart and private cities.

U°OS is a universal reputation system constituting an open-source blockchain protocol. It is built to be the standard for evaluation of trustworthiness of those to deal with online. The implementation of the system would positively impact the peer-to-peer economy as it contributes to faster customer decision-making. U°Community is an already functioning social platform launched on the U°OS testnet. It allows users to interact with each other, make offers, publish content, create and govern communities/organizations.

User’s contributions to the network through U°Community are decentrally weighed by other users. The resulting weight is user’s influence score called Importance°. It is the user’s digital asset. Through Importance° the user has an influence on anything on the network - from being a part of decision-making processes through decentral governance to becoming a part of the active economy by having the network’s native currency - UOS token - issued to the user based on their Importance°.

Unlike dystopian fictional scoring systems like the one portrayed in the Black Mirror episode (Nosedive), U°OS reputation system sufficiently protects users’ privacy as it does not require to reveal their real identity and rules out the possibility of mass surveillance. “A surveillance system is a centralized entity that centrally decides what score to assign to the user. Both U°Community and U°OS are decentralized and belong to the network.” - Andrew Perepilitsa, U°OS CEO says.

Despite its current testnet stage, U°Community is open for registration. Users can already try out to create a community, publish content and get their importance° score.



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SOURCE: U°OS Network

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