TTC Foundation Partnered with Payment App GOPAY For Real-Life Token Utilization
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TTC Foundation Partnered with Payment App GOPAY For Real-Life Token Utilization

Friday, August 2, 2019 12:30 PM
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SEOUL / ACCESSWIRE / August 2, 2019 / TTC Foundation announced its partnership with GOPAY, a blockchain-based payment app, aiming to expand real-life use cases of TTC and TST-20 ( TTC Standard Token) tokens while trying to shrink the large gap between blockchain technology and mainstream economy.

GOPAY is the first blockchain-based mobile payment service to support every convenient store in Korea. Supporting not only over 40,000 brick-and-mortar stores, GOPAY also support Korea’s largest department store chain Lotte Department Store.

Users of GOPAY can make off-line payments easily by scanning QR code with their smartphones after they registered credit or debit cards on it. In order to promote its usage and improving the overall payment user experience, GOPAY incentives each payment with tokens. To date, it only supports payment via credit or debit cards, but will soon support cash and crypto payment.

TTC Foundation attempted to expand the usage of TTC and TST-20 tokens by launching Tigris Protocol, which is a decentralized financial service. As reported previously, Tigris Protocol plans to launch its own stable coin and debit card and will provide collateralized debt service and staking as a service, and users can collateralize their TTC or TST-20 tokens (in the future) to loan fiat-pegged stabled coins.

In the near future, TTC Pay and GOPAY will allow cryptocurrency holders to utilize their assets to pay a merchant directly, which will guarantees a very low fee for purchasing. And when the Tigris Debit Card is released, user can use it to register on GOPAY for mobile payments as same as other credit or debit card functions. The Tigris debit card allows users to pay on/off-line with various cryptocurrencies, granting convenience to cryptocurrency holders. Sine the Tigris Protocol stable coins are stable in value, both the merchants and customers globally can transact without worrying about the volatility of a cryptocurrency with Tigris protocol stable coins.

In July, Tigris Protocol’s whitepaper and website has been released, and as scheduled Tigris protocol open test plans to begin in August.

TTC is positioned to capture market share within the growing DeFi space through its mass adoption fitted blockchain technology.

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