More than 150 Voice Technology Companies to Showcase Latest Innovations in Artificial Intelligence and Voice AI Solutions at VOICE Summit 2019
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More than 150 Voice Technology Companies to Showcase Latest Innovations in Artificial Intelligence and Voice AI Solutions at VOICE Summit 2019

Friday, July 19, 2019 8:00 AM
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Amazon Alexa, Audible, Microsoft, Prudential, Samsung, Applause, Pindrop, Orbita, Newark Venture Partners, Clinc, Paro AI,, Sonos, Twilio, Aider, Appen, Aristotle, Blutag, Bond.AI, BBC, Audioburst, Arria NLG,, and Witlingo among AI leaders to exhibit and sponsor premier voice-tech event

NEWARK, NJ / ACCESSWIRE / July 19, 2019 / VOICE Summit 2019 (VOICE 19), the world’s largest voice-tech event, today announced previews from a select group of the almost 200 exhibitors and sponsors supporting this year’s event. VOICE 19 is being held July 22-25, 2019, at the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) in Newark, New Jersey. Register Here

VOICE Summit will bring together more than 5,000 leading developers, conversational designers, startups, brands, agencies and executives at the forefront of the voice-first era reimagining how society interacts with technology through voice.

″Last year’s VOICE Summit was an overwhelming success thanks to a very engaged voice-first community, and this year we expect an even greater response,” said VOICE 19 Conference Chairman, Pete Erickson. ″VOICE Summit is the epicenter for voice technology as a single destination for engaging developers, marketers, investors, as well as potential customers from markets including retail, healthcare, transportation, marketing, higher education and government.

“VOICE 19 exhibitors play a unique role in moving the voice technology industry forward. With the level of innovation these companies offer, we are more than pleased to provide a platform from which to showcase their latest breakthroughs in VOICE AI.”

Snapshot Preview of VOICE Summit 2019 Exhibitors:

Aebis (Booth K-14): Aebis is devoted to accelerating global competitiveness by integrating the Management of human knowledge and the Architecture of Human-Machine Systems in which businesses operate. At VOICE Summit, Aebis will be demonstrating productive human-machine collaboration via vocal interfaces designed around @lis, an advanced set of proprietary methods and tools created to precisely define and model Knowledge Domains and achieve mutual understanding through usage of well-defined words, to facilitate knowledge transfer and accelerate development of advanced algorithms.

Aider (Booth 201): Connecting to the apps small businesses owners use, Aider delivers easy access to answers, all from one place. Business app connections include: PoS, accounting, payroll, rostering, calendar, social and analytics. With Aider’s mobile app, users can ask questions by typing, voice-to-text or speaking through a voice assistant, like Alexa. Aider can answer hundreds of questions a business owner might have, like: “Hey Aider, how much revenue did I make this week?” Aider can also schedule notifications, add calendar reminders, deliver trends analysis and benchmarking.

Algolia (Booth K-27): Algolia, a leading Search and Discovery solution, will provide live demos at booth #27. Algolia’s Voice Search Lead, Dustin Coates, will present on “The Automat and the Sommelier,” July 23 at 3 p.m. in the Kupfrian Jim Wise Theater, and participate in industry panels: “Meet the Authors,” July 23 at 1 p.m. in WEC Main and “How Voice is Empowering the SMB Markets,” July 25 at 1 p.m. in the CKB Strategy Lab.

Applause (Booth 112): Applause is the worldwide leader in crowdtesting and digital quality. With years of IoT testing experience, Applause offers a comprehensive solution for testing voice-forward experiences. Our solution - built from best practices with Amazon and Google - combines functional testing, dialogue verification, usability testing and payment testing to help customers deliver voice experiences that foster ongoing customer engagement and satisfaction.

Aristotle (Startup Table 6): Aristotle, by, is on a mission to voice-activate the world’s databases. By creating the market for Business Intelligence (BI) Skills, builds a future when data insights are available to all who need them - from citizens to corporate executives - through natural language conversations and voice interfaces, removing the barriers to true data democratization. provides Aristotle, the platform to create and run BI skills, that end users can reach via Slack, Skype, Alexa and more.

Arria NLG (Booths K-25, K-26): Arria NLG will demonstrate how advanced analytics using narratives in natural language can automate and enhance data consumption, amplify the value of business intelligence with conversation, and extend the reach of artificial intelligence to streamline workflows. Chief Scientist, Professor Ehud Reiter, and Chief Operating Officer, Jay DeWalt, will serve as presenters at VOICE Summit, and the award-winning provider of natural language generation (NLG) is a VOICE Summit Silver Sponsor.

Appen (Booth 106): Appen collects and labels data used to build and continuously improve the world’s most innovative artificial intelligence systems. With expertise in more than 180 languages, a global crowd of over 1 million skilled contractors, and the industry’s most advanced annotation platform, Appen works with leading companies and governments worldwide.

Audioburst (Booth 116): Audioburst changes the way we consume and engage with talk-audio content! We take the best moments from podcasts and talk radio and transform them into personalized and customizable playlists. Come connect with us at Booth 116; our VP of Product Rachel Batish will be discussing voice & talk solutions for developers on 7/24, and CEO & Co-founder Amir Hirsh will be speaking to the importance of personalization on 7/25.

Auraya (Booth K-10): Auraya is a world leader in voice biometric technology that empowers people and organizations to engage with security and convenience. Auraya's industry-leading voice biometric technologies ArmorVox and EVA for Amazon Connect allow users to enroll, verify and authenticate their voiceprints seamlessly on any telephony or digital channel. The superior performance is achieved using patented intellectual property such as impostor mapping and individual security settings. ArmorVox can be incorporated into customer interaction platforms using open API's.

Behavioral Signals: Behavioral Signals develops technology to analyze human behavior from voice-data. Using their flagship product, Oliver API, for emotions and behavior recognition, enterprises can track emotions and behaviors in conversations and get a complete view of related key performance indicators. Their award-winning emotion recognition and behavioral prediction analytics technology utilize cognitive modeling and advanced machine learning algorithms to provide enriched conversational insights for interaction with voice assistants, chatbots, robotic virtual assistants, social healthcare robotics and mobile voice assistants.

Blutag (Booth K-16): Blutag is the cloud-based voice commerce platform that helps retailers deliver voice shopping experiences to their customers with voice-based smart devices. Shilp Agarwal, CEO and Co-founder will be speaking twice at VOICE Summit, first as a panelist during The Future of Voice Commerce session and a second time during his Executive Briefing where he will be speaking about the importance of retailer's developing their voice strategy and being an early adapter in the industry.

Bond.AI (Booths K-31, K-32): Uday Akkaraju, founder and CEO of BOND.AI, in his keynote address on July 24 will explain why we need a voice that is humane but not human. On the same day, BOND.AI will host a breakout session geared toward bank executives: How Voice Empowers Financial Institutions to be Customer-Centric & Profit-Driven and will provide a demo of its Empathy Engine™ on Thursday, July 25. BOND.AI is a human-centered artificial intelligence platform, powered by the world's first Empathy Engine and is a finalist for the 2019 VOICE Summit Awards Best Banking/Financial Experience.

BOOM Integrated (Booth 101): A new venture from top audiobook producer John Marshall Media, BOOM brings brands to life through sound. BOOM combines GRAMMY-winning audio production with interactive voice expertise. Its team of strategists, storytellers, conversation designers and sound engineers create podcasts and brand experiences playable via Alexa, iOS, and Google Assistant. From helping concept sonic branding and extending IP to producing a polished audio product and ensuring discoverability, BOOM partners with companies to create a 360-degree Voice First experience.

Cognigy (Booth 200): Cognigy provides an enterprise grade Conversational AI Platform for self-service and automation. Sponsoring VOICE for the second year, Derek Roberti from Cognigy will present enterprise considerations of chat, and Sascha Wolter will present on both designing for VOICE, and demystifying conversational AI. You can meet Cognigy in the exhibit hall to talk use cases, benefits, how to save money, find new revenue, and see the application in action.

e2F (Booth K-28): From Translation to AI-Driven Language Experiences, e2f is driving the world of Voice amongst the Internet of Things. Based in Silicon Valley with global offices, we offer an array of services to meet your changing needs, exceed the highest in quality standards, all the while ensuring your customers receive the best in market language experience. Our scalable, adaptable and driven approach to your needs is what makes e2f your partner of choice.

Earplay (Booths K-37, K-38): Earplay is the ultimate creative platform for producing and publishing voice-first interactive audio experiences. Our suite of smart tools and world-class technology helps creators build, distribute, measure and manage multiple immersive titles across all voiceenabled media and devices. Named Alexa Developer of the Year and winner of multiple Webbies, Earplay proudly works with leading brands including Amazon Studios, A+E, Bose, Capstone, Disney, Hasbro, NBCUniversal, Ubisoft, USA Network, Viacom, VICE, Warner Brothers and Xandra.

Interactions (Booth 600): Interactions believes AI should adapt to human conversation, not vice versa. Powered by patented Adaptive Understanding™ technology that combines the latest in conversational AI-automated speech recognition, natural language processing, machine learning and Deep Neural Networks-with human understanding, Interactions enables some largest enterprises in the world, like MetLife and Hyatt, to transform customer engagement across voice and digital channels. Join the Interactions team for the session on "Elevating the Customer Journey with Conversational AI" on Tuesday, July 23rd at 2:00 PM.

Just AI (Booth K-35, K-36): Just AI is a team of 80 professionals located in four offices around the world with HQ in London. Proprietary NLU technology underlying our product line is a key part of flexible solutions we provide to enterprise and SMB sectors. Just AI has more than 10 years’ experience in the area of skills and smart assistant development, the next high-demanded and perspective industry for us is Voice Games development and AI Marketing & PR.

MyBuddy.AI: MyBuddy.AI is building the voice-based AI English tutor for kids that helps children practice spoken English by talking with a virtual AI-powered cartoon character Buddy the robot. Launched over a year ago, today MyBuddy.AI has around 50 thousand users around the globe. At Voice19, MyBuddy.AI will present its Spanish version targeted at immigrant children in the US and Spanish speaking, young English learners around the world. MyBuddy.AI’s inspiration is the CEO’s daughter Sophia, who was brought to the US when she was three years old.

Orbita (Booth 317): Orbita showcases healthcare’s most powerful conversational AI platform, used by industry leaders to create and manage secure, omnichannel voice- and chatbot-powered virtual assistants. Orbita makes it easy for enterprises to future-proof conversational engagement for customer service, wellness, population health, remote patient monitoring, and more. Sessions in which Orbita executives are participating include: 1.) State of Voice and Chatbots in Healthcare; 2.) Voice Assistants in Healthcare -- Are We There Yet; and 3.) Investment and Adoption Trends of Voice in Healthcare, where Orbita CEO Bill Rogers will join panelists from UPENN, Sopris Health, Newark Ventures, DreamIT Health Tech, and Luminary Labs.

PinkLion AI (Startup Table 4): PinkLion is a breakout AI company bringing AI to the world’s app teams. Pink Lion delivers AI integration with a human engagement model and an AI- first strategy. Jennifer is the first female AI testing tech CEO and is currently collaborating with Test.AI in the entertainment, gaming, media and professional sports industries. As Test.AI’s sole partner Pink Lion is solving mobile and app challenges using AI that have previously been unsolvable with more traditional automation. (Booth K-39 ):, the award-winning provider of cloud-based unified communications and collaboration services is a VOICE Summit Bronze sponsor. CTO, Alon Cohen, will co-host an interactive session with SecondMind Labs Founder and CEO, Kul Singh, titled, "Telephony Voice AI: The Untold, Untapped Opportunity for ROI and Mass Adoption." CEO, Ari Rabban, will participate in the executive panel discussion, "How Voice Is Empowering the SMB Markets.”

Pragmatic Digital: Scot and Susan Westwater, co-founders of Pragmatic Digital, will be leading a breakout session, titled Now What Roadmap. The session will focus on building a business case and developing an understanding of where Voice can be the most useful and usable for a brand. It will include hands-on exercises attendees can repeat on their own with their teams. Susan will appear again later in the week as a panelist for “Phases of Conversational Design.”

Privakey (Booth K-5): Privakey CX is a licensable technology that delivers a new channel to securely interact with users within the mobile apps customers already enjoy on their phones. Built on the foundations of multi-factor authentication, Privakey extends the security principles of MFA to any user interaction that requires strong identity confirmation, approval or consent. Our technology assures a user’s identity and intent, expanding voice skills into financial transactions, sensitive information and personal data.

Prudential (Booth 510): Prudential is excited to lead the Accessibility Technology Learning Track during the VOICE conference, focusing on ways in which differently abled individuals, who may not have the ability of speech or hearing, can interact with voice technology in the home and workplace. In addition, we will be hosting the first ever STEAM Day as a part of the conference, programming a day of learning and fun for middle school and high school students.

SpinDance (Booth 405): Voice User Interface (VUI) is exploding into consumer products and enterprises, creating new consumer experiences, workflows, and efficiencies. There is a massive opportunity for the Enterprise. The hard truth is that the average Enterprise has no idea what it takes to implement voice. SpinDance, an IoT Design, and Development firm, will be at VOICE 2019 to connect with organizations eager to learn how to How to Get the Enterprise Ready for Voice.

SurveyLine (Booth 118): Surveys by Voice is the only survey platform designed specifically for VOICE. Similar to Survey Monkey, SurveyLine allows any organization to quickly and easily create a survey, poll, or set of feedback questions, and then instantly have the survey be taken BY VOICE -- using Alexa, Google Assistant, or via any mobile app using the SurveyLine SDK for iOS and Android.

V Group Inc. (Booth 500): V Group offers cutting edge solutions on Voice Analytics, Conversational AI and NLP. We are the creators of first ever speech recognition system for telecom with unique voice analytics. The international team of Data Scientists and ML Experts have created patented* features that are currently used in voice commerce, Bot Testing and Alexa enabled E-Sports apps. Check out the use cases for the pharma and gaming world at our booth #500 at VOICE Summit 2019.

Valence Group: Valence is extremely excited to be part of VOICE Summit this year! Our very own Ben Parkinson (VP, Sales) and Anders Brown (CEO) will be participating in sessions and panels discussing how to best design and develop voice solutions in the enterprise. (Booth 407): As the largest global online marketplace for audio and voice over products and services, is thrilled to meet you at VOICE Summit 2019. Get inspired by our keynote and sessions on The Human Voice in the Voice-First Era, Finding Your Literal Brand Voice, and Finding the Right Voice in 3 Easy Steps. Come say hello at booth 407 and learn what makes the fastest and easiest way to source your perfect voice.

Whetstone Technologies (Startup Table 16): Whetstone Technologies will demonstrate SoniBridge, extending voice apps to text messaging using their patent-pending, proprietary platform, at the VOICE Summit 2019 in Newark, NJ. Founders, Sanjeev Surati and John Iwasz will be conducting two sessions during the conference. Visit Whetstone Technologies at the Startup Expo. To experience SoniBridge today, tell Alexa to “Open Whetstone Technologies” or Google to “Talk to Whetstone Technologies.” Follow the interaction completely to receive a discount code to attend VOICE Summit.

Witlingo (Booth K-1): Witlingo builds products and solutions that simplify how companies and organizations of all sizes to deliver Voice First experiences, such as Amazon Alexa skills and Google Assistant actions, quickly, easily and with minimal costs. Witlingo executives will participate in two different sessions. The first is a workshop on Ideating and Designing for Voice First and will feature a demo that we co-created with Dr. Sirish Kondabolu, Orthopedic Surgeon and Co-Founder of Medicine ReMixed Media. This Alexa skill enables patients to get answers from Alexa, in their doctors' voice, after going through a surgery. The second session will touch on the newly emerging Voice First Web.

Registration for VOICE Summit 2019 is still open.

For the latest VOICE Summit news, updates and information, follow the event on Twitter @VoiceSummitAI or visit

About VOICE Summit 2019

VOICE is a multi-day summit at the forefront of natural language processing, sponsored by Amazon Alexa and hosted by Modev. The 2019 Summit will be held at the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) on July 22-25, 2019 and serve as a gathering place for more than 5000 developers, designers, C-level executives, leading brands and agencies who are reimagining how we interact with technology through voice. The program will consist of keynotes, breakout sessions, workshops and an Awards dinner recognizing the best in voice applications across 12 different categories. Host Committee includes NJIT, City of Newark, Greater Newark Convention and Visitors Bureau and The Newark Community Economic Development Council. Additionally, VOICE is working with corporate partners to ensure that more than 1000 students and professionals from traditionally marginalized groups in tech have scholarships to attend the event. This will include mentorships, career opportunities, educational experiences, networking and much more.

About Modev

Modev was founded by Pete Erickson in 2008 on the simple belief that human connection is vital in the era of digital transformation. Today, Modev leverages exponential technologies and methods to build communities at scale, manage transformation strategies and produce market/leading events such as VOICE Summit, sponsored by Amazon Alexa, and Spinnaker Summit, sponsored by Netflix. Modev also curates specialty communities such as Voicehacks, and Security by Design. Modev staff, better known as “Modevators,” include more than 45 community building and transformation experts from around the world.


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