TTC Announces First Hard Fork
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TTC Announces First Hard Fork

Thursday, July 18, 2019 7:55 AM
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SINGAPORE / ACCESSWIRE / July 18, 2019 / TTC, a blockchain fit for mass adoption, has executed its hard fork at block 2,968,888, aiming to enhance speed, security and user experience.

This hard fork will benefit all parties on its blockchain, which brings TTC blockchain one step closer to mass adoption. One of the most integral changes introduced on the TTC network is the coming implementation of its slave networks.

The slave networks primarily focus on recording large amounts of behavioral data from DAPPs with a large user base. As previously reported, Acorn Protocol, a decentralized and token incentivized social networking protocol based on TTC, will be open tested on the hardforked Rigi with a social application named as tataUFO, which has 16 million registered users in China.

The hard fork will also implement improvements to the penalty system of the representative selection algorithm. As representatives will be responsible for block producing for both main and slave networks, the enhanced algorithm will help the ecosystem prepare better for the testing and launching of Acorn Protocol, whom will bring heavy data input from a large user base.

TTC aims through this algorithm improvement tied with the deployment of slave network can attract more competitive representatives joining the ecosystem meanwhile provide and optimize the network for better user experience.

TTC has been on a bit of a storm since its mainnet launch in March 2019. It now has over 140,000 active account users in his digital wallet “TTC Connect" due to its successful airdrop in June. On its reported roadmap, TTC is preparing to launch a decentralized finance service, in order to make TTC an even more broadly used and commercialized blockchain platform.

As tataUFO implements into Acorn Protocol at the end of July 2019, there are various social applications scheduled to be implemented into its ecosystem with total user number up to 32 million.

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SOURCE: TTC Foundation

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