DA-DAPPS Vietnam Halong Bay Global Ecology Application Conference Documentary
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DA-DAPPS Vietnam Halong Bay Global Ecology Application Conference Documentary

Tuesday, July 2, 2019 3:27 AM
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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / July 2, 2019 / On July 1, 2019, Halong Bay, Vietnam, the blue sky, the popularity, the DA-DAPPS global ecological application conference kicked off here.

The conference invited a number of blockchains to discuss the future development trend of the digital economy in Asia and further outline and explain the global ecological application and development blueprint of DA-DAPPS. I believe this conference will become DA-DAPPS. A new starting point for global expansion.

Halong Bay is a bay in the Beibu Gulf of Vietnam. It is famous for its beautiful scenery and beautiful scenery. It is like a scenic spot in Guilin. It is known as the "New Seven Wonders of the World".The members of the conference committee will be set up in Halong Bay, which means that the DA-DAPPS technology is like the beautiful scenery of Halong Bay, which can bring good enjoyment and happiness to human life!

The entire application was held for a five-day trip. The first three days were spent in a relaxed, relaxed atmosphere. There were both rigorous summit meetings and active offline experience projects. While feeling the wonderful scenery of Halong Bay, I also heard the ecological practice and grand blueprint of the DA-DAPPS project.

At 2 o'clock in the afternoon of July 1, the press conference officially began in Halong Bay. This conference gathered a number of top blockchain technology giants, more than 10 well-known investment institutions, more than 100 mainstream media and more than 1,000 industries. Contributors and industry elites; jointly launching a journey of discovery---discovering a rapidly changing world of Internet technologies, discovering digital economic applications around them, and discovering new species-DA-DAPPS that could change the world.

After the official start of the conference, Mr. Horace, CEO of DA-DAPPS, gave a warm welcome speech to all the guests.Subsequently, Mr. Sanchez Wellington, Chief Operating Officer of DA-DAPPS, and Mr. Wang Fuzhong, a well-known Chinese economist and professor of economics at the Central University of Finance and Economics, also delivered speeches.

Among them, Mr. Sanchez Wellington gave a detailed introduction to the concept and technical scope of DA-DAPPS.

He said: Our project is based on DAPP technology. It is a blockchain system with many nodes. It is a global intelligent digital butler based on "Intelligent Innovation Technology" by Bahamas International Technology R&D Center Ltd under Equity Bank.

DA-DAPPS is a demonstration unit for the United Nations WDEO World Digital Economic Organization. The cooperation agencies include UBS, World Digital Central Bank, World Digital Stock Exchange, World Lottery Group, and Panama Xintai Bank.

With its technical advantages, the project team has provided intelligent technology services for financial consulting, asset management, banking and securities derivatives trading in many countries around the world.Comply with the laws and regulations of the United Nations Digital Economic Organization, relying on the strength of the bank and the international top resources of each partner institution, relying on the technical accumulation and security experience of the financial technology R&D center in the blockchain field, DA-DAPPS will be multi-dimensional To ensure the security of global digital currency users' assets and to carry out ecological layout globally, we will strive to create a one-stop application ecosystem for the global blockchain and provide sustainable driving force for the global users in the future of digital assets.

In his speech, Professor Wang Fuzhong first thanked the five guests of the roundtable forum for their sincere invitation. In the subsequent roundtable forum, Professor Wang issued cryptocurrency on the development of blockchain technology and the recent hot topic of social networking. The action made a concise and profound explanation.

Professor Wang's speech ended, the press conference was officially started. Mr. Cai Zhichuan, President of the Asian Blockchain Society; Mr. Zhu Youping, Deputy Director of the China Information Network Management Center; Mr. Huang Lianjin, CEO and founder of DistributedApps, USA; Professor, Professor Wang Fuzhong, Economics of Central University of Finance and Economics; Asia CEO of RAN Canada Blockchain Foundation, Secretary General of Canada-China Youth Entrepreneurship Club, and Ms. Zhou Wei, Partner of China Talents Group, on the current blockchain technology A new and high-quality academic exchange was held on the status quo, development trends, ecological logic, technical deficiencies and future commercial applications.

The five experts first made a short summary of the blockchain's perception and role, and then, under the guidance of the moderator, a discussion about the social giant's Facebook cryptocurrency initiative led the roundtable. The small climax; the host hot iron, the issue of flexible transfer to DAPP and project ecology, experts are also straightforward, the venue is not lively.

At the conference, another heavyweight DA-DAPPS Asia Pacific CEO (CEO) Mr. Kenny took the opportunity to come to the conference from the Bahamas (legally registered in the Bahamas).

Mr. Kenny delivered a speech titled "Building a One-Stop Ecology and Future Prospects" on the technical advantages and application of the project, so that all the guests present can feel the brilliant future of project technology application.

He said: The biggest advantage of dapp is the application experience and operation and maintenance costs. Dapp's user experience can eliminate many factors that affect user experience and increase development difficulty due to the unique data validation and value transfer functions of the blockchain.

In theory, dapp is similar to a small program. The design idea is that it does not need to be installed. When it is used up, all calculations are completed online. The creation process is forbidden locally. The system automatically creates or finds other microservices in the local, peripheral, and chain.

DA-DAPPS can be used to access dapps in one click, involving financial (including but not limited to securities, pe, payment, investment, etc.), wealth management, one-click trading, decentralized exchanges, the world's first digital mall, games, thousands In the multiple fields of ecological application, based on the advantages of capital, team and market, the second innovation of business model, development planning and application scenarios can be used for all related products of cross-border transactions, payment settlement and so on. Merchants provide a variety of services, and in an unimaginable depth and breadth, quietly penetrate the cross-border payment industry, will become the biggest player in the future.

In addition, when talking about the unique technical advantages of the project, Mr. Kenny is proud to say that DA-DAPPS has successfully developed unique sidechain technology and open API interface, which can not only use the decentralized wallet to redeem the mainstream in the market. Digital currency, which is traded and traded in major trading exchange centers around the world, can successfully communicate all kinds of mainstream application scenarios on the line. Any citizen from all over the world can freely hold and conveniently pay and circulate.

Whether it is credit recharge, real estate rental, tourism consumption, or oil card recharge and living payment; or global audio-visual theater, world-renowned literature platform, users are free to use DA-DAPPS including da, btc, eth, etc. An international mainstream digital currency payment.With the decentralization of the blockchain, DA-DAPPS has opened up barriers to circulation and generated huge profits, completely breaking the current embarrassing situation of dapp universal application.

After discussing the advantages of DA-DAPPS technology, Mr. Kenny also explained his own opinions and opinions based on the current status of blockchain technology and the development prospects of DAPP.

At the conference, we also invited a master's degree in finance from Sun Yat-Sen University, a master's degree in champagne analysis from the University of Illinois at the University of Illinois, and Mr. Chris Zhan, who worked in the global trading department of Credit Suisse, and the conference gave a lecture on quantitative trading. report.To enhance your understanding and penetration of future financial technology knowledge.

One of the biggest highlights of the DA-DAPPS eco-application conference is the application of DA-DAPPS. The project party has lived up to expectations. At the press conference, several major landing signing forms fully demonstrated the strong technical strength and marketing of the DA-DAPPS team. strength.

The first signing: DA-DAPPS Chief Operating Officer Sanchez signed OBBO POKEN CLUB;

The second signing: DA-DAPPS Chief Operating Officer Sanchez signed the Lavita industry in Vietnam;

The third signing: DA-DAPPS Chief Operating Officer Sanchez and Mr. Zhang Dedong, General Manager of Ruyi Aquilaria Museum, reached a cooperation;

The fourth signing ceremony: DA-DAPPS Chief Operating Officer Sanchez and Ms. Wu Shiping, Deputy General Manager of Real Estate BIM GROUP, formed a strategic consensus and signed a cooperation agreement on the DA-DAPPS landing real estate project.

The industries involved in this signing include Vietnam's domestic entertainment city, latex, museums and real estate.

We are looking forward to the outbreak of DA-DAPPS. DA-DAPPS will actively promote the use of blockchain technology in the form of model innovation and technology integration to promote the prosperity of dapp applications!

This goal is not far away!

Finally, the entire conference ended in a grand dinner.

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