Bitsdaq Lists 7 New Projects Received More Than 10k Positive Reviews For Mobile App


Bitsdaq Lists 7 New Projects Received More Than 10k Positive Reviews For Mobile App

Tuesday, June 25, 2019 5:40 AM

SINGAPORE / ACCESSWIRE / June 25, 2019 / Bitsdaq, AsiaGlobal's cryptocurrency exchange, are pleased to announce the new listing of several projects and has expressed that it will promote quality projects in-full-force in the second half of 2019. ELAC(Elamachain), KTN(Kasoutuuka News), YGG(YGGDRASH), RNT(ONEROOT), GBT(Grabity), FNB, ALB(ALBOS), CLB(Cloudbric) are among the projects that will be listed. At the same time, The Bitsdaq App has also received over 10k positive reviews within two weeks since the official launch.

More information about the new listing and related trading, deposit, and withdrawal will be announced later on the official website.

Ricky Ng, founder and CEO of Bitsdaq, says the Bitsdaq Exchange aims to help high-quality blockchain projects to improve awareness and develop influence in the cryptocurrency ecosystem:

"To achieve this goal, Bitsdaq is selling project tokens to more than 2 million users, and users will have the opportunity to participate in projects that could change the landscape of the industry. Bitsdaq also provides a full range of consulting services for projects, enabling these blockchain projects to benefit from bitsdaq team's years of experience deep in the industry, and to allow that good projects focus on what really matters: developing products and increasing utility rate."

Bitsdaq has accumulated more than 2 million registered users in 3 months and is currently ranked third after Binance and Coinbase in traffic to global digital currency exchange, with 11.4 million monthly visits. Bitsdaq has over 100,000 community members, and the candy token BXBC is held by over 2 million active wallet address. Bitsdaq also received investment from prestigious institutions, including the NGC and Consensus Venture Group. The Bitsdaq App has also received over 10k positive reviews after the official launch. Last but not least, Bitsdaq has been given a rare high score of 8.5/10 by the world's leading blockchain agency, CryptoPotato.

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