Breaking Bourbon Selects Woodford Reserve Double Oaked Barrel Bourbon As Part of Their Private Barrel Picking Program For Patreon Supporters. Delivered by

Breaking Bourbon Selects Woodford Reserve Double Oaked Barrel Bourbon As Part of Their Private Barrel Picking Program For Patreon Supporters. Delivered by

Tuesday, June 18, 2019 11:00 AM

Breaking Bourbon's Barrel Pick "Number 1 Stunna" Woodford Reserve Double Oaked Barrel Select remains available to purchase. Try it now or grab a bottle for your collection thru

CHEYENNE, WYO / ACCESSWIRE / June 18, 2019 / Breaking Bourbon's 6th private barrel selection pick had to choose between 3 separate batches of Woodford Reserve Double Oaked Bourbon. And the winner- No.3 dubbed by Breaking Bourbon crew as the "Number 1 Stunna".

Patreon supporters had 2-week priority in purchasing this current bottling. After that, the remaining bottles were made available to the general public. The pledge for being a member starts at $1 for the 1st tier, up to $25 for the top tier. Currently, there are 296 patrons with gross monthly revenue of $2492. Members receive "Thank You!" gifts, release calendars, participation in contests, distribution priority and if chosen assistance in the future private barrel selection process. is an American whiskey-focused website that's an online forum for whiskey and bourbon enthusiasts. Visitors get access to the latest news and unbiased reviews. Breaking bourbon is made up of three bourbon enthusiasts, Nick, Eric & Jordan who create, edit and distribute Bourbon whiskey content about their personal views on particular products they have sampled and tasted. All reviews are authentic in that they are not experts but solely their personal views and opinions offered.

Breaking Bourbon's Pick No. 6 "Number 1 Stunna" was a total bottling of 240 units. As mentioned before, it was released to the Patreon members, with top tier having priority. The release dates and sold quantities are as follows:

  • $25 Tier: Wednesday, 05/01/2019 (33 units sold)
  • $14 Tier: Friday, 05/03/2019 (13 units sold)
  • $7 Tier: Monday, 05/06/2019 (25 units sold)
  • $3 Tier: Wednesday, 05/08/2019 (12 units sold)
  • $2 Tier: Friday, 05/10/2019 (7 units sold)
  • $1 Tier: Monday, 05/13/2019 (6 units sold)
  • On Wednesday 05/15 it was released to the public. (2 bottles sold)

The remaining bottles are now available to the public and make a great gift for anyone who's a bourbon enthusiast.

Tasting Notes for the selected Woodford Reserve Double Oaked

  • Entry The nose oozes with rich aromas of gingerbread, caramel, chocolate, and marzipan. This gives way to a full-bodied sip with a nice mouthfeel.
  • Palate: Flavors of caramel, chocolate, cinnamon spice, and a mild smokiness balance with lightly toasted oak and tobacco.
  • Finish: The finish is sweet at first, with lingering notes of burnt brown sugar and seasoned oak that makes for a nice aftertaste.

Private Selection Barrel Success

The current statistics show a total of 98 units sold out of a gross cap of 240, which has left around a 142 bottle surplus. This puts Breaking Bourbon's influence to sell a private barreling selection chosen and marketed by them at a current 40.8% success. Conversations Cask Cartel had with Nick one of the founders stated their 1 st Single Barrel pick sold out thru the Patreon club which featured Barrell Bourbon from Barrell Craft Spirits. The market cap was around 100 bottled units and this combined with much-anticipated hype is what's believed to have led to a sold out 1st pick. Although a great success on their 1st pick other selection picks with higher bottling yields have positioning partnered retailers with a surplus of the unsold product. The Breaking Bourbon future release calendar includes 8 upcoming single private barrels selections in the queue. Some with a higher bottling yield and with statistically less enthusiasm due to back to back releases the question is will these future selections continue to decline or will they move the majority of the selected product. Their upcoming success will be a crucial tipping point for them as a declining trend will make many retailers hesitant to partner with them on future private barrel selection programs.

Breaking Bourbon Social True Insights

Breaking Bourbon can pride itself with having over 60k followers on Instagram and 10k followers on Facebook and Twitter giving them a social influence score of 71 out of 100 which is their ability to drive action. Klear, a Meltwater subscription tool uses data prediction analyzing thousands of features and billions of posts. Based on their data Breaking Bourbon's Instagram post engagement is at 1.63% which is 18.5% below the average of 2%. This is 46% below good which is considered around 3%. Furthermore, the True Audience Reach is at 6,273 and it represents the estimated average and number of people who are likely to view or see their posts which is turns out to roughly 10% of their base.

Side by Side Comparison

The partnered licensed local retailer chose to do a side by side comparison and what Breaking Bourbons true influence was to sell out a private selection online through e-premise versus traditional off premise retail. In this instance they bottled and purchased the exact same Woodford Reserve Double Oaked Select Batch No3. It was bottled under the name "Morning Wood" vs. "Breaking Bourbon" In the same period of time the local retailer was able to sell out almost in entirety the same bottle yield of 240. With the exact same product and the exact same bottle with only a different name, it can be assumed that marketing plays a much larger role in moving premium spirits.

Try Breaking Bourbons Pick #6 the Woodford Reserve Double Oaked Barrel Select and let them know what you think. It's definitely worth the experience as the "Morning Wood" batch has almost been a total sell out on the off-premise retail side. Visit the online marketplace connecting the sophisticated drinker to greatness! Summer is here and this bourbon is overall amazing and you won't regret it! This is the perfect grill out or conversational bottle to sip with friends. This is the story you've been waiting for! Grab some to share.

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