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Jerome Karam: The 'Dr. Impossible' of the Louisiana and Texas Real Estate

Wednesday, 19 June 2019 11:16

Jerome Karam

FRIENDSWOOD, TX / ACCESSWIRE / June 19, 2019 / Jerome M. Karam, the former private injury lawyer turned real estate developer, has been, in recent years, the most significant persona in the real estate scenario of Texas and Southwestern Louisiana. JKM5 HOLDINGS, the real estate and investment firm owned by Karam, has been responsible for revolutionizing the way real estate renovation and development is thought throughout this entire area. His numerous award-winning renovation projects bear ample witness to this fact.

Jerome Karam: Early Career

Having obtained his undergraduate degree from Louisiana State University, Mr. Karam then moved to Texas Southern University to earn his Juris Doctor Degree from there in the year of 1990. Following this, Jerome Karam launched on an extremely successful career as a private attorney specializing in personal injury related affairs. In 2007, he established his own law firm in Friendswood, Texas. The law firm of Karam primarily offers assistance for personal injury cases as well as for resolving business disputes.

In the meantime, however, Karam had already launched his career in the field of real estate and it is in this field that the man's unique vision and his enormous talent for innovation where to find their full realization. To cite but one example, Karam has been instrumental in giving a new lease of life to the business community that used to thrive around the Mall of the Mainland in Texas City. The mall (as well as many other parts of the city) was hit hard by the Hurricane of 2008 and gradually fell into disuse. However, since Karam acquired this floundering and dilapidated property, he has already redeveloped part of the old property as a number of thriving commercial units. These include The High Altitude, to date the largest trampoline park in the US; the sumptuous Plaza Royal Executive Suites; as also the World Gym, the largest gym facility in the state of Texas. For the remaining part of the property, Karam has envisioned a multi-unit Indoor Climate Controlled storage facility that is expected to bring back the erstwhile mall business into effect again.

This is also Karam's way of giving back to society since putting the mall on the wheels again would mean financial independence for many people who had suffered from loss of business and income since the closure of the mall. Similarly, Karam's vision has been the key to bring life back to the hurricane-damaged Falstaff Breweries in Galveston, Texas. The place had fallen to complete disuse before Karam acquired the property and remodeled it as a boutique hotel and a set of condominiums. The latter have answered the demand for affordable housing in the area and Karam's commercial endeavors in general have been instrumental in revitalizing the economic health of the area. So, one can see that it is not for nothing that Karam has been complimented with the flattering sobriquet of 'Dr. Impossible' by no less than the Mayor of the Galveston County, Mr. Jim Yarborough. We may as well mention in this connection Karam's numerous philanthropic projects, especially among the Catholic Community in his home state of Louisiana.

Other notable achievements of Karam and his JKM5 Holdings include the rehabilitation work carried out by the company in the Historic Downtown District of Galveston. In 2018, The Galveston Historic Foundation voted this project as The Rehabilitation Project of the year. Equally commendable is Jerome Karam's purchasing and remodeling the old YMCA building located in the East Downtown area, yet another building left in a badly damaged state by Hurricane Harvey. However, thanks to the efforts of Karam's team, the property has been redeveloped into a state of the art health facility and equipment center offering a variety of sports and health routines including Yoga, Kickboxing, Body Pump and more.


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SOURCE: Jerome Karam

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