Liberty Automotive Protection Offering Memorial Day Like Discounts The Whole Year

Liberty Automotive Protection

Liberty Automotive Protection Offering Memorial Day Like Discounts The Whole Year

Monday, June 10, 2019 1:20 PM

OCEAN, NJ / ACCESSWIRE / June 10, 2019 / As car buyers look forward to Memorial Day sales, Liberty Automotive Protection's Michael Shaftel advice vehicle buyers to get car insurance. He says that car owners often get too excited about the new vehicle that they often take for granted that it means additional responsibilities. He reminds new car owners that before driving the vehicle off the dealership, you need to have a car insurance.

Discounts aren't the only things car buyers should look for during Memorial Day car sales. Memorial Day car sales offer buyers the opportunity to apply for car insurance at Liberty Automotive Protection. Shaftel added that car buyers could reach the company through the internet even as they hopping from one dealership to another.

The advantages of getting car insurance early

Car accidents don't distinguish between brand new and used cars. Thus, some dealerships require buyers to get car insurance before they close the purchase deal.

"Car owners may not know what kind of car insurance they should get. They can try Liberty Automotive Protection's 'Select Coverage' policy," Shaftel said.

Select Coverage offers comprehensive protection against steep repair bills that new car owners could face. One of these expensive repairs involves the car's transmission. Brand new vehicles may experience accidents that can damage their transmission.

If a driver shifts a vehicle with an automatic transmission to reverse while it is still moving, that can lead to transmission damage as well. Transmission repairs cost at least $1,000, a hefty bill for new car owners. Getting vehicle insurance during your starting ownership will ultimately help you avoid bothersome expense in the long run.

New cars can also experience problems while on the road. These problems include overheating, flat tires, and running out of gas. With Liberty Automotive Protection's Select Coverage, new car owners can have free roadside assistance anywhere in the country.

"Select Coverage offers new car owners the convenience they won't have if they had no insurance. They can have their car towed and fixed wherever they happen to be," Shaftel added.

New car owners may also lose their car keys which would prevent them from opening their car. Replacing lost car keys can cost the owner up to $400. Select Coverage also includes assistance in cases of lockout such as these.

Other kinds of car insurance new car owners can also buy

According to the automotive research company Kelley Blue Book, most New Jersey car buyers bought a CR-V in 2016. The manufacturer of the CR-V offers a warranty of seven years for their line of vehicles. But once that warranty period expires, car owners who plan to keep their CR-V would shoulder repair costs.

"Car owners should think long term. They can keep their cars protected after warranty period with Powertrain Coverage," Shaftel said.

A car's powertrain includes the transmission, engine, and drive axles. These powertrain parts are expensive to repair after the warranty ends, and getting Powertrain Coverage can help car owners deal with these costly repairs.

Liberty Automotive Protection also offers a variety of Powertrain Coverage called "Powertrain Coverage Enhanced" to include electric and air conditioning systems. Having these car components repaired after the warranty period would entail costs that can bust a car owner's budget. Car owners can expand the level of protection with this insurance policy.

Where new car owners can buy car insurance this Memorial Day

"After you take your new car into the roads of New Jersey, you can drive by Sunset Avenue in Ocean County and look for Liberty Automotive Protection," Shaftel said.

Interested car buyers in New Jersey can use a navigation app to find their way to Liberty Automotive Protection.

"Enjoy your car shopping and don't forget to get your new car insured," Shaftel concluded.

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SOURCE: Liberty Automotive Protection