The First Round of BQQQ IEO sold out instantly, Round 2 to begin tomorrow!
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The First Round of BQQQ IEO sold out instantly, Round 2 to begin tomorrow!

Sunday, June 9, 2019 9:50 AM
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SINGAPORE / ACCESSWIRE / June 9, 2019 / Bitsdaq, AsiaGlobal's cryptocurrency exchange, are pleased to announce that the exchange's first IEO project, platform token - BQQQ opened its first-round on June 9, Singapore time, and was sold out within a few seconds. The remaining two rounds will begin on June 10 and 11, 14:00 UTC+8.

BQQQ which has garnered the attention of the community due to an existing product, innovative model, professional team and other advantages, was once hailed by the community as the most sincere IEO. Due to overwhelming demand, the pre-arranged extra allocation (I.e. overallotment) was released. In total, 30 million BQQQ tokens were sold within a few seconds of the first round of BQQQ IEO.

Ricky Ng, founder and CEO of Bitsdaq, said that as Bitsdaq Launchpad's first project, BQQQ not only lives up to expectations, but has exceeded them. BQQQ is among the best performing IEO, both in terms of the number of participants and subscription rates.

"The number of BQQQ IEO participants is far more than expected; each user's subscription is close to the maximum limit; this shows that the users recognise the value of BQQQ."

As stated in the white paper, BQQQ will become one of the vital cryptocurrencies for IEO on Bitsdaq Launchpad. As well as trading fee discounts, BQQQ also allows the providers and the holders with exclusive access to third-party airdrop tokens that launch on Bitsdaq, priority subscription rights for Bitsdaq Launchpad Projects, professional industry research reports reserved for Bitsdaq VIP, and invitations to participate in Bitsdaq offline community activities. With the addition of utilities and a consensus from a broad range of projects and investors, it is expected that the market as a whole will benefit.

Bitsdaq has accumulated more than 2 million registered users in 3 months, and is currently ranked third after Binance and Coinbase in traffic to global digital currency exchange, with 11.4 million monthly visits. Additionally, Bitsdaq has received applications from hundreds of projects after the launch of the Launchpad. Bitsdaq has over 100,000 community members, and the candy token BXBC is held by over 2 million active wallet address. Last but not least, Bitsdaq has been given a rare high score of 8.5/10 by the world's leading blockchain agency, CryptoPotato.

Ricky Ng said that in the future, as the business continues to grow, Bitsdaq Launchpad will launch more quality projects to enhance the value of the platform token BQQQ further, and promote the adoption of blockchain technology.

BQQQ will begin trading on June 12, before which there are two more rounds of subscription opportunities, the relevant information has been published on the official website.

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