Meet Dan Dasilva the eCom Guy
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Meet Dan Dasilva the eCom Guy

Thursday, June 6, 2019 10:40 AM
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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / June 6, 2019 / When Dan Dasilva dropped out of high school during his teenage years, no one could have predicted that he'd generate over seven figures of wealth by the time he was 20 years old. Like many young aspiring entrepreneurs, Dasilva had bigger dreams than what high school could offer him. Since he had very little money to start a new business with, he found dropshipping to be the best business model for someone in his position.

Sure enough, Dasilva succeeded in this venture by learning everything there was to know about the dropshipping business model. Then he took his skills and applied them to his own dropshipping business. After making his first million dollars, Dasilva didn't let success get to his head. He had a desire to help other young aspiring entrepreneurs achieve the same success in dropshipping that he did. This inspired him to create "eCom Dudes," which went on to become the biggest eCommerce training community in the world. To this date, it has more than 114,000 members.

There are many so-called dropshipping gurus on the internet who give their clients generalized tutorials on how to dropship. As for eCom Dudes, it is the first eCommerce training platform online which teaches people about dropshipping in much more depth. It goes over every aspect of the dropshipping process, from creating a store to finding dropship suppliers.

In just a few short years, eCom Dudes has helped several people earn seven figures for themselves. One of these people is Mario Menduni. He used to work as a manager at a bar in Boston, Massachusetts. But once he started earning big bucks from his drop shipping business, he quit his bar manager job and never looked back. Menduni is just one of many success stories to come from eCom Dudes.

A lot of entrepreneurs like to use Shopify for building their dropshipping stores. If you listen to most of the dropshipping gurus on the internet, they will tell you to use these websites for building a dropshipping store. However, Dasilva & eCom Dudes have harnessed their focus on the AliExpress Dropship method that allows anyone to sell products they never have to touch or store. This allows anyone with any experience to get started immediately with little capital. Dan and his team also teach people how to build an e-commerce store with a platform known as Shopify or WooCommerce (for those that want more control).

eCom Dudes has several innovative eCommerce products available to assist its members, such as an exclusive push notification platform and software for creating product sales funnels. There are no additional monthly fees to pay either. This software comes included with the training courses found on the community platform. These are the same courses which helped many of the top members reach one million dollars in sales within their first couple of years.

The target audience of eCom Dudes is anyone between the ages of 18 and 35 who are looking to start a new business online. But there are people even older than this who are just learning about dropshipping and wanting to get in on the action too. If someone truly wants financial independence and has a willingness to succeed, then they will prosper from the training provided by Dasilva and the eCom Dudes Community.


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