Kazzam.com’s Face Painters Share Vibrant Design Ideas Most Popular with Kids
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Kazzam.com’s Face Painters Share Vibrant Design Ideas Most Popular with Kids

Tuesday, June 4, 2019 9:05 PM
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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / June 4, 2019 / In today's digital age, parents have a plethora of choices when planning a party. Maintaining its popularity among the entertainment options, face painters provide a unique aspect of fun that every child looks forward to. Kazzam.com, a leading party and event planning service by Party City, highlights reasons behind face painting's appeal, while sharing some of the most favourite designs requested.

Whether at a birthday party, or school event, hiring face painters ensures a level of entertainment that's entirely separate from other popular inclusions-such as bounce houses, music, and games-while being accessible to everyone in attendance, regardless of age or physical ability. For kids, the opportunity to have their face temporarily transformed into their favorite animals, characters, or themes takes the event to a higher level, and encourages camaraderie and interactions they may not have had otherwise. Additionally, face painting routinely gives a party or event a more festive feel, and creates memorable picture opportunities to look back on in the years to come.

While children's tastes continue to change with each generation, their preferred face paint designs tend to remain mostly the same. Young girls gravitate towards themes from their favorite fantasies and stories, such as a princess, fairy, or sorceress. Animals remain a top choice as well, with rabbits, cats, tigers, bears, and dogs among the most requested. Boys' face painting tastes are generally consistent as well, with many opting for adventurous designs such as pirates, skulls, robots, and camouflage. Characters from comics, cartoons, and movies are also common requests, with Spiderman, Wolverine, and Ironman holding their positions amongst the most popular.

Not every kid desires a specific theme or character however, as some are satisfied by simply having an array of colors and styles painted on their faces, making them a temporary piece of art for the day. Face paint designs can sometimes depend on the theme of the event itself, or even the time of year. For example, princess or comic character birthday party themes tend to create design requests that correspond with them. Parties for holidays such as Halloween inspire face paint ideas that include zombies and mummies, with witches, Frankenstein, and ghost designs in the lead among the requests.

Kazzam.com is a party service provider and event planner brought to you by Party City, a retail chain with over 900 locations nationwide. The company curates a variety of services from a network of hand-selected businesses and talent, including face painters, food vendors, DJs, magicians, and character impersonators, along with products such as bounce houses, cotton candy machines, and decor. Kazzam.com handles the party and event planning details process from beginning to end, working with their customer's budget and preferences in order to create the ideal event that sources from the best talent and vendors within the area, which are fully vetted by the company prior to booking. Party service providers that work with the company enjoy the convenience of having their booking and advertising handled by Kazzam.com, and do not pay a fee unless they are booked.

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