"The flower is blooming for love": GBR blockchain rose platform is coming soon
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"The flower is blooming for love": GBR blockchain rose platform is coming soon

Tuesday, May 21, 2019 2:25 AM
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NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / May 21, 2019 / GBR blockchain rose ------ the world's first blockchain rose (value) cultivation game platform is initiated by the US Glasgow Emotional Research Foundation. As the pioneer in blockchain emotion research, the Colorado-based foundation attracts the world's top blockchain technology teams and business elites, and it is specialized in the research and development of blockchain technology applications and the establishment of blockchain emotion platforms.

With the development of the times, the disruptive innovation of blockchain technology are now leading human civilization into higher fields and the blockchain technology is being widely used. As the newest channel for people to understand and convey emotions, the blockchain provides a more convenient, fast and safe channel for online socializing and online games.

The rose flower has always been described as "The Queen of Flowers". Globally recognized as a symbol of love and the combination of beauty and romantic feelings, it is a universal language for expressing emotions all around the world. People are keen to express the most complex, pure and unspeakable emotions with roses. Following the trend of human thoughts and emotions, fashion and romantic expression have become an important way for people to express their emotions. At the same time, the customized, personalized and monetized rose consumption are booming.

From the traditional offline market to the online markets, from the Internet + flower delivery service to the blockchain + flower delivery service, roses have become a main way to express personal feelings!

How to combine blockchain technology with roses so as to meet the new demands of people's emotional expression? The US Glasgow Emotional Research Foundation has found a perfect answer in its research - GBR blockchain rose platform.

The development philosophy of GBR blockchain rose platform is to link love, cultivate love, spread love, all for love, and create a platform integrating culture, fashion and taste. At the same time, it will use blockchain technology to link together human emotions and provide the most unique way of delivering flower to users around the world through games, making the expression of love more simple and direct, and the transmission of love more valuable, thus forming a perfect ecosystem for emotion transmission, effectively reconstructing the social and game market, and enhancing the ecological value of interactive emotional transmission.

AS a cultivation game, the GBR blockchain rose platform uses four comprehensive core elements (blockchain technology, AR technology, cultivation games and flower language expression) to create the concept of preserved flowers on the blockchain: the flower is blooming forever. The roses people grow and give on the blockchain are extremely precious, like a unique diamond with everlasting value; the roses on the blockchain also have the function of "information recalling", so that all your efforts can be traced, and any tamper to them becomes impossible.

According to the US Glasgow Emotional Research Foundation, the vision of the GBR blockchain rose is to change people's way of sending flowers and become the leader of online AR flower delivery service! On the GBR blockchain rose platform, you can get the exclusive rose seeds, have the seed take root and germinate with your careful care and irrigation, and harvest the blockchain roses passionately. Through online matching, you can speed up the growth of roses by sharing and interacting with your friends online. Roses grown online can be given to anyone via the rose platform or converted to real roses offline. The moment you send your roses, all the information about your cultivation process will be communicated to the person in the other end. As the blockchain cannot be tampered, the digital flower records written into each node of the blockchain are not just a kind of emotion, but also a blessing and a permanent commitment that allow your loved one to see every drop of sweat and the true heart you put on the roses.

In the pre-test phase, the GBR blockchain rose platform was welcomed by people of different ages. A happy life requires a sense of ritual, so it is a must to send flowers in festivals and daily life. Research shows that more than 90% of the people expressed their willingness to use the blockchain rose platform. On special occasions or Valentine's Day, they would grow a rose online in advance, so that their loved ones could receive a meaningful gift full of love and sincerity. This was a special way for them to express love. For a couple who have emotional conflicts, nothing else can express their regret than a rose full of love and apology; for the person accompanying by your side, nothing else can express your poetic romance than growing a rose by yourself. The blockchain rose platform gives emotional and social value to human beings and makes the action of love more meaningful. With the blockchain technology, you can turn all your actions into eternality and let love stay for a long time. Rewarding emotions with sincerity is also the concept of love that the blockchain rose platform wants to convey.

In 2019, the GBR blockchain rose will open a new chapter and create a new market pattern. In June, the GBR blockchain rose platform will be launched online. At that time, GBR will also set up its market in the Asia Pacific region, such as Thailand, China, Malaysia, Singapore and other countries, and finally let people all over the world experience the unparalleled ways of conveying and expressing love!

Love is the eternal emotion need of mankind. As a poet once said, roses are God's gift to the world, and they let people know the profundity and warmth of love. With the GBR blockchain roses, all the people with love in their hearts will connect and interact with each other, and link love, cultivate love, and spread love to all corners of the world.

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