Marcus Hiles: New Wind Farm Project Confirmed for National Leader in the Alternative Energy Sector, Texas

Marcus Hiles

Marcus Hiles: New Wind Farm Project Confirmed for National Leader in the Alternative Energy Sector, Texas

Wednesday, May 15, 2019 3:35 PM

DALLAS, TX / ACCESSWIRE / May 15, 2019 / Another new investment in the renewable energy sector has been confirmed for the state of Texas. Standing as one of the nation's largest contributors and developers of the projects that fuel alternative energy, Texas will be the home to Clearway Energy Group's Mesquite Star. Expected to be a 419-megawatt wind farm that will reside in Fischer and Nolan counties, the project that is already underway will house over 100 wind turbines and is expected to generate power for commercial operations as early as 2020.

With the project set to be one of the 40 wind farms in Texas, the lone star state has a well established infrastructure of alternative energy sources that help fuel the growing industry. Currently generating a substantial amount of the state's energy supply through sustainable sources, the power that was produced through renewable sources has been recorded to make up nearly 18% of all consumed energy as early as 2017.

Through projects like Mesquite Star, Texas owns nearly a quarter of the nation's installed generating capacity for wind energy and has increasingly become the national leader in this renewable power market. This focus on creating new sources of energy is catching on in other areas as well. As new industry revenue stream and job creation is stimulated from these alternative energy projects, Texas' residents and businesses are welcoming the trend.

One area of focus is how energy from renewable sources is impacting the housing industry. Property developers are seeing this as a way to attract residents and also save money in the long term. "Incorporating energy efficiency into all of our rental communities has helped our properties and residents save money, live better while also putting environmental consciousness as part of our firm's priorities. As of 2017 all Western Rim properties include energy star rated appliances and solar powered technologies that help us do our part in maintaining a cleaner living environment and lifestyle for our residents and the surrounding communities." shares Marcus Hiles, Texas based entrepreneur and CEO of Western Rim Properties.

However there is a reason why alternative energy projects are hard to get off the ground. In the case of Clearway Energy Group's Mesquite Star, this large undertaking required bringing in partners on a local, state and national scale. Having a strong backing is critical for all alternative energy projects that are part of an industry in its infancy where significant funding is necessary to get the project going. As an industry leader with a strong network of customers and revenue contract counter-parties, Clearway Energy Group has the backing of leading institutions such as Ecolab Inc., Brown University, Cisco Systems, Inc. This has allowed the sustainable energy corporation to drive new projects ahead while supporting sustainability and clean energy goals of some of today's biggest organizations.

Expected to be the largest renewable energy facility in Texas' Adams County, the wind farm will produce enough renewable energy to power over 35k homes in the area. This will support Texas' position as a leading provider in the alternative energy industry and will continue to represent the model of a once oil and gas driven energy player that now has turned to more sustainable, cost-effective alternatives to drive the state's economy, long term.



SOURCE: Marcus Hiles

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