Hunt down foxes Believes Blockchain Game Industry Enters into a New Development Opportunity

Hunt down foxes

Hunt down foxes Believes Blockchain Game Industry Enters into a New Development Opportunity

Friday, May 10, 2019 12:19 AM

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / May 10, 2019 / In recent years, with the in-depth development of blockchain technology, its scenario application has become more and more diversified. Under the continuous exploration of blockchain believers all over the world, it has covered a large number of industries. Among them, the most far-reaching impact on the game industry is considered to be the most likely technology to subvert the development model of the industry. This makes many investors focus on the blockchain game.

At present, there are many game service platforms packaged with the concept of blockchain, however, the platforms that really achieve the ultimate goal have not yet appeared. Explorers, represented by Hunt down foxes Fox Hunting platform, are responding to the future with a more active attitude, focusing on building an ecosphere with a high degree of systematization and quality experience.

Hunt down foxes is the first game platform in the world to adopt the mode of combining public chain and private chain. It is dedicated to the professional services of blockchain games and assets, driving the core assets of the game economy system and incentive system to link all participants in the industrial chain into the commercial wealth system, thus forming a closed-loop interest community. Hunt down foxes headquarters in Manhattan Central Business District, New York, USA, and it has established offices in Hong Kong, Macao, Tokyo, Southeast Asia and other countries, bringing more valuable services to global users and investors.

Hunt down foxes public chain FOX circulates in major exchanges and its private chain FOXT is used in platform games. FOX and FOXS can be converted in real time. Global users can be rewarded by playing and sharing games. Global game developers can also use Hunt down foxes as a marketing platform to deeply bind customers.

In addition, the innovation of Hunt down foxes platform lies in the deep integration of its blockchain technology application, token economy and game, which creates a new mode of game experience and value realization, not only limits to sensory changes, but also changes in economic forms and production relations. The goal of Hunt down foxes platform is to create a brand new game ecology. Because in the new economic cycle, the intrinsic value represented by rights and interests, the income value represented by tokens, and the subjective value brought by decision-making power interact with each other, cooperate with rich game playing methods, and form a large industrial ecology pattern closely related to the upstream and downstream industry chains of the game.

"Smart contract subversively solve the problem of non-transparent and unfair access to game resources, and reach a value consensus in the virtual world. It can reduce the transmission of benefits in related operations, and enable users, communities and value creators to get the most efficient benefits." Hunt down foxes platform officials said that in this ecosystem, players' acquisition of goods, digital assets, can circulate in the virtual world, and get value continuity at the same time, players can create their own values. In such a brand new game experience, global gamers will bring huge traffic and high value to the platform.

The operation logic of Hunt down foxes platform is based on the "Nash equilibrium" win-win concept, so that both of the project and investors can reach a consensus to achieve common profits. The projects can be operated successfully, and the investments will be rewarded with profits. Meanwhile, FOX, the basic circulation medium of the platform, will also usher in increasing value. All FOX will not be ICO, but will be mined out, and the platform will continue to buy back FOX and destroy it permanently. So, the scarcity will lead to a sharp rise in FOX's value and price.

At present, Hunt down foxes platform has been officially launched in mid-April, and a global launching ceremony will be held in Hong Kong in May. It is expected that in late June, it will be able to realize on-chain trading on major global exchanges. High-speed development is a performance of the urgent needs of industry and users for core values. Driven by this trend, Hunt down foxes platform will continue to devote itself to the ecological construction of the game industry, promote industrial change with blockchain technology, and strive to create more opportunities for the development of the whole game industry.


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