Marcus Hiles: The State of the Nation’s Small Businesses - Small Business Week 2019
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Marcus Hiles: The State of the Nation’s Small Businesses - Small Business Week 2019

Wednesday, May 1, 2019 6:05 PM
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DALLAS, TX / ACCESSWIRE / May 1, 2019 / Next week marks the annual National Small Business week that is run by the U.S. Small Business Association. Kicking off May 5th - 11th, the event that has been recognized for more than 50 years will highlight the impact being made to the country's economy by today's small business owners, entrepreneurs and other key professionals across all 50 states. Set to be stationed out of Washington D.C. this year, there will be a series of sessions, speakers and award ceremonies that honor those in the SMB community helping to create change.

The organizations in this network are defined as those businesses with 500 or less employees and can span from companies that support local markets, national and even global industries. Regardless of their size, the Small Business Association reports that nearly half of all Americans work for small businesses, a critical component and major contributor to the strength of our nation's economy. Whether through local, owner operated businesses to those supporting the flow of goods and services across the country and world, there are over 30 million small businesses across the U.S. alone. The influence these organizations have on our national and global markets is a point the Small Business Associate reflects to be critical towards maintaining our economic competitiveness now and in the future.

Bringing to light the small businesses who have helped make history across different industries over recent years, the association's coveted award, National Small Business Person of the Year, will be recognized during the week. The individual selected for this achievement will be that of an influential business leader, innovator and entrepreneur that has opened up new opportunities for the economy. Last year's award was named to Rebecca Fyffe, the owner and Director of Research of Landmark Pest Management from Schaumburg, Illinois. An entrepreneur that took over a struggling business at the age of 25, Rebecca was recognized for her leadership and hard work that turned around her small business, growing it from 18 to 70 full-time employees with substantial year over year revenue growth.

Representing the small businesses that have been at the root of our nation's history with globally recognized companies such as Apple, Dell, Mattel and Starbucks starting from the ground up, the association emphasizes the change our small business network can have on the industries they operate in and the American economy as a whole. "Both innovators and job creators, as the network of these businesses increases, so does their impact on bringing more opportunities and consumption to communities of all scale." shares Texas-based entrepreneur Marcus Hiles who has been an innovator in the state's property development market with his firm Western Rim Properties, a former small business.

Open to small businesses year-round, the association also strives to promote and enable thousands of companies to gain the resources and recognition they need to get ahead of the competition. "This type of critical resource network has helped expose top businesses and the talented individuals who support them that have gone on to establish and run some of today's leading organizations." adds Marcus Hiles, a staple in the Texas business community who works to back small business associations that help to uncover future business leaders and entrepreneurs.

With the increasing possibility of what small businesses can accomplish in today's industries, it is clear the available resources and support accessible across the nation like that of the SBA is a main driver encouraging and stimulating our small business community.

Learn more about the SBA and their annual National Small Business Week that helps bring to light the small business leaders and entrepreneurs of today at




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Marcus Hiles
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