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CloudFactory Launches New Solutions and Partnerships to Accelerate AI Innovation

Tuesday, 30 April 2019 09:00 AM


Cloud Workforce Solutions and Integrations with Leading Data Labeling Platforms Support Higher Quality Training Data for Machine Learning

DURHAM, NC / ACCESSWIRE / April 30, 2019 / CloudFactory, a global leader in managed workforce solutions for artificial intelligence (AI), today announced it has expanded its product portfolio and established partnerships to meet the unique data processing needs of companies applying AI and machine learning (ML). New partnerships with technology providers Hivemind, Labelbox and Dataloop combine CloudFactory's managed cloud workforce and digital expertise with the best annotation and labeling tools on the market to deliver high quality data processing for a wide variety of use cases.

"Cleaning up messy, raw data is a significant challenge, whether teams are coding NLP algorithms for a chatbot or preparing data for financial analysis," said Dan Mitchell, CEO and founder of Hivemind. "Workers need more than the ability to tag, label or annotate data. They must understand data rules and the context for the tasks they are doing to provide quality data for ML models."

A 2019 study by the analyst firm Cognilytica defined the "race to usable data" as the chief problem facing AI development, noting that on average, 80% of AI project time is spent on data-related tasks like labeling, cleansing and augmentation.

CloudFactory's WorkStreams are tailored solution offerings that deliver fast, high-quality data work for disruptive technology companies through a unique combination of people, process and CloudFactory's proprietary cloud-based platform. The new WorkStreams for Machine Learning include:

  • train.CV: Data experts to power computer vision use cases utilizing best practices developed from annotating millions of images to deliver high quality results
  • train.NLP: A team of analysts with a native understanding of language, syntax and structure that can accurately parse and tag text to train natural language-based applications

"CloudFactory's workforce strategy supports the delivery of consistent, accurate data for ML, which reduces our need for rework," said Dr. Dean Jones, head of natural language processing at Ripjar, a company that uses ML to support financial crime analysts in identifying client risk. "CloudFactory provides high quality text annotation at scale, and that makes it possible for us to power the augmented data analysis that underpins our client solutions."

CloudFactory is also introducing a series of fit-for-purpose WorkStreams to support a variety of different types of data work including:

  • be.EFFICIENT: A cost effective solution for high-volume repetitive data tasks that require people plus technology for detail and accuracy such as document transcription at scale to power a product feature
  • be.ELASTIC: Provides the highest level of predictability and control for customers with time-sensitive data processing needs such as image transcription to authenticate financial transactions
  • be.AGILE: Offers the people and technology needed to stay on top of rapidly changing data which is common in use cases like data moderation, enrichment and tagging

All the new WorkStreams can be customized for specific security and hardware requirements and are enhanced by CloudFactory's proven methodology for scaling data processing needs with tight quality controls for maximum task precision. A recent Hivemind study showed CloudFactory's managed workers outperformed a leading crowdsourcing vendor by up to 25% on quality measures.

"We've established a formula for high quality data processing at scale: experienced data analysts who care about the work, real-time collaboration and giving our clients the freedom to choose or build the tools they want," said Mark Sears, chief executive officer at CloudFactory. "Unlike crowdsourcing, which can cost up to 200% more per task when low-quality work is returned, our expanded WorkStream offerings combine the human talent needed to accurately label data for machine learning applications with our proprietary technology platform that provides clients with visibility into every step of the process."

To learn more about CloudFactory's new WorkStreams, visit

About CloudFactory

CloudFactory is a global leader in combining people and technology to provide a workforce in the cloud for machine learning and core business data processing. Our managed teams have experience with 150+ AI projects and can process data with high accuracy using virtually any tool. As an impact sourcing service provider (ISSP), CloudFactory creates economic and leadership opportunities for talented people in developing nations. Trusted by 130+ companies, we annotate data for 11 of the world's top autonomous vehicle companies and process millions of tasks a day for innovators including Microsoft,, Ibotta and nuTonomy. We're on four continents, with offices in the U.K., U.S., Nepal and Kenya.

SOURCE: CloudFactory

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