Kore Venture Program Commences Preparing Millennial Ultra-High Net Worth Inheritors
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Kore Venture Program Commences Preparing Millennial Ultra-High Net Worth Inheritors

Thursday, April 25, 2019 7:30 AM
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BOSTON, MA / ACCESSWIRE / April 25, 2019 / Kore Alliance™, a nonprofit member organization of ultra-high net worth family offices from around the world, announced today its flagship program, Kore Venture, for high-net-worth inheritors is underway in the woods of upstate New York. It begins a unique 5-month journey preparing an exclusive group for the responsibilities and challenges of wealth. Kore Venture is specifically designed for the fast-growing group of millennials from ultra-high net worth families who will soon take responsibility for trillions of dollars in family wealth.

Kore Venture co-founder, Andrew Doust commented, "While many inheritors attend the best schools and colleges, few are prepared for the complexities of ultra-high net worth inheritance the result of which is often the loss of wealth and more concerning the breakdown of family relationships."

Doust continued stating, "Our vision is to help participants become their best self and grow in wisdom to steward wealth wisely."

Kore Venture boasts an exceptional line-up of teachers including faculty from Stanford and Oxford Universities and leading family experts from around the world.

Program presenter Dave Evans, co-author of Designing Your Life, and co-founder of the Stanford Life Design Lab added, "I'm delighted to be part of Kore Venture helping young people from families with abundance from around the world find purpose and meaning and most importantly to become wise stewards of their resources, opportunity, and potential to influence."

The Kore Venture program begins with an outdoor survival experience led by the Bear Grylls Survival Academy which is designed to test limits and to develop the endurance and tenacity of participants. Following their experience in upstate New York (April), participants continue their learning at Oxford University (June) and complete the journey in Salzburg, Austria (August).

Daryl Heald, Managing Director and co-founder of Kore Alliance, speaking from experience as part of the 3rd generation of Maclellan family based in Chattanooga, Tennessee added, "Kore Venture is unique in its focus on the individual rather than their wealth. We've seen in our own family, and with countless peers, that the key to preparing young inheritors is not solely financial competence, but growth in character and wisdom. When family wealth is passed on without the values and wisdom to properly steward it, it can be deeply destructive for everyone involved."

About Kore Venture

Kore Venture is the flagship program of Kore Alliance™, a nonprofit member organization of ultra-wealthy families from around the world that come together as families to share knowledge, opportunities, relationships and experiences. Kore Venture is a nonprofit initiative. There is no marketing to participants at any point during or following the program. Applications for the current cohort are closed; applications for the next intake can be made online at www.koreventure.org or by calling, +1 617 466 6428.

About Kore Alliance

From New York to Cairo, London to Sydney, Budapest to Hong Kong, no two Kore families are alike. But we're all here for the same reasons: seeking connections with like-minded peers, and together, searching for answers to the questions we share. Our three founding members - Daryl Heald, James Dilworth, and David Beatty have spent their personal and professional lives creating deep relationships with families around the world who wish to make meaningful connections with peers: people who share their financial position, and whose lives are guided by the same values and principles. If you're on a similar journey, searching for something more, we invite you to become a part of our story at www.korealliance.org.

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