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Trio Health Launches New Hemophilia Patient Database To Provide Real-Time Clinical, Treatment Usage, and Reimbursement Insights

Tuesday, April 23, 2019 7:00 AM

Innovative, real-time data collection technology provides critical information about the treatment journey and its impact on patient access to therapies

LA JOLLA, CA / ACCESSWIRE / April 23, 2019 / Trio Health today announced the launch of the Hemophilia database for patients with Hemophilia A, B, and Von Willebrand disease. The company utilizes its Multi-Disease Platform (MDX) technology to combine clinical data from physicians, and dispensing data from pharmacies, in a database which is updated nightly. Tracking the patient in real-time throughout their journey allows for comprehensive insights into the treatment and management of real-world patients.

"Understanding the use of all factor products by prophylaxis, episodic, and bleed events provides the framework for delving deeper into identifying the cause, severity, location, days to resolve, and type of bleed, as it relates to the total factor required," said Brent Clough, CEO, Trio Health. "It’s important for healthcare practitioners to understand how each patient's demographics, disease severity, and lifestyle can impact use of particular therapies. With this information, physicians can truly optimize care at the individual patient level, and more clearly understand outcomes."

Trio Health's Hemophilia database will include 2,000 patients that represent approximately 10% of the patients diagnosed in the United States.

"With the MDX platform, we have near real-time information that provides a complete understanding of the challenges facing patients with hemophilia; the impact of costs and coverage on prophylactic care, and the burden of frequent administration on patient and caregiver quality of life," said Scott Milligan, PhD, Head of Analytics, Trio Health. "Now that we have deeper insights into the benefits and disadvantages of newer therapies and payer policies, we can identify at-risk populations, and enable changes to maximize outcomes through appropriate care."

The real-time Hemophilia database will be the source of information for Trio's scientific steering committees to publish peer-reviewed, real-world evidence with the goal of enhancing care for patients with hemophilia. Initial studies include, but are not limited to:

  • Care patterns and impact on frequency of, and recovery from, breakthrough bleeds
  • Factor consumption and variation by patient subgroups
  • Influence of payer on treatment and effective disease management
  • Patient impact on disease management: activity, adherence, and persistence

Participation in the Hemophilia database for clinical use is free and open to all US-based clinical sites.

About Trio Health

Trio Health's mission is to improve the quality of care in patient outcomes through coordinating the efforts of all patient care stakeholders. Their first-of-its-kind Multi-Disease Platform (MDX) that tracks patients throughout the course of their treatment, giving pharmaceutical/biotechnology companies, specialty pharmacies and physicians access to information and opportunities that simply don't exist anywhere else. Learn more at

The Multi-Disease Platform (MDX) combines disparate data in real-time from physicians and pharmacies throughout the patient journey. The MDX platform provides unparalleled insight to drug manufacturers, physicians, pharmacies, and payers on the performance of real world patients from a clinical, operational, and financial perspective. Trio Health's comprehensive insight brings a new understanding of the delivery, use, and outcomes of specialty drugs to optimize the care of real-world patients.


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