Marcus Hiles: In the Best Places to Live in the US in 2019, Austin Tops the List
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Marcus Hiles: In the Best Places to Live in the US in 2019, Austin Tops the List

Wednesday, April 17, 2019 2:40 PM
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DALLAS, TX / ACCESSWIRE / April 17, 2019 / In their annual list of the best metro areas in the United States, analyst and online news firm US News has just announced their 2019 findings. Analyzing 125 of the most populous locations in the nation, the firm looked across categories of affordability, desirability, workforce opportunities and overall quality of life. To report their findings, sources of data were collected from public agencies including the US Census Bureau and Department of Labor which were referenced to drill down the factors of a successful local economy including job markets, housing affordability and availability as well as quality of education. To collect another perspective, the firm also utilized public polling to understand where individuals across the country would choose to live to further pinpoint desirability of each city in the running.

Similar trends were seen in this year's rankings that were concluded in the 2018 report. Within the top ten list 8 cities were repeat, including the top three that remained for the second year in a row, Austin, Texas and Colorado's Denver and Colorado Springs. Maybe the most consistent in the report was that of Austin, Texas - the city named the 2019 top place to live in the United States. Similar to their results in the previous list, Austin tops the rankings based on the city's strong and diverse job market, its overall value for money, as well as being a top place to live and work. Known as one of the most vibrant business districts in the state of Texas and in the country, the city has brought in big names like Facebook and Apple along with developing a strong startup community over recent years. Austin also is considered one of the top US cities to start a small business in, a key aspect in creating local economy and a growing job base.

"What differentiates the Austin metro is the rate of expansion in the area that has been seen due to a record breaking growth of populations in the city that stem from migration of residents coming inbound both from out of state and from surrounding areas in state." shares property developer and entrepreneur Marcus Hiles who has been a part of Austin's growing development through his rental properties in the area. Reflected in the data sourced for the top 125 list, US News also saw consistency in the polling completed that conclude U.S. residents not only want to live in Austin, but many appear to be acting on it as well.

Compared to other business communities like California's Silicon Valley, Austin has come to be one of the most popular areas in the US for the attraction it offers in both professional and residential opportunities. For citizens looking to benefit from big business economy while also living centralized in a state known for its sprawling landscape and resources, Austin is a clear choice. Ultimately the city has something that differentiates itself, whether it is the affordability it offers when compared to other similar metros or the well-rounded economic landscape of the area, populations are moving there and will continue to as its desirability and value rises.

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Marcus Hiles
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