Success on the Internet 101: Founders of Pollination Comment on Internet Marketing, Social Media and More

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Success on the Internet 101: Founders of Pollination Comment on Internet Marketing, Social Media and More

Tuesday, April 23, 2019 4:05 PM

SEATTLE, WA / ACCESSWIRE / April 23, 2019 / Among one of the hottest and the fastest rising internet-focused firms, Pollination has achieved a lot in a short span of time. Pollination founders Pranav Rastogi, Jagrit Pratap Singh and Muhammad Ali are behind some of the hottest social media pages, websites, and e-commerce stores among other things. The trio came together and started off because of the shared passion, and are now among the most prominent names in the world of internet marketing!

The Pollination co-founders, in a sit-down interview with Nasdaq commented on their journey, as well as the way ahead. Here's what they had to say:

Pollination on Social Media

With millions of people visiting their websites, liking their social media pages and purchasing off their e-commerce platforms, chances are, that a large number of internet users have come across at least one of Pollination-owned properties on the internet.

The trio is behind pages such as ‘Art Studios', 'Take Moments' and 'Life of a Rider'. These pages share relatable and interesting content which users love to engage with. Pranav Rastogi commented on the social media success of Pollination, saying: "The old-school thought here is that you share the content that fans of your page want to watch. We believe that the kind of posts we share must also help our fans discover new content! You never know what you like till you see it!"

However, Muhammad added, that the trio knows who their core audience is. While Pranav's approach of giving a taste of new content has worked out well for them, this is only because they also continue to share relatable content that resonates with those who follow the page. Muhammad stressed on the ‘theme and the tone' of the posts being largely consistent. "One look at it and you'll know this post is from our page!" he added.

Pollination on Internet Marketing and E-Commerce

Jagrit Pratap Singh, the co-founder of Pollination, tells us that the company ventured into e-commerce after their initial success in social media and web-content. They then decided to merge social media and web-content together with Hiptoro. However, after a penalty from Facebook, the traffic took a massive hit. While pages like "Art Studios," "Take Moments"' and "Life of a Rider" were not affected, they knew that it is time to do something different!

This made the three work towards an entirely new direction: e-commerce. Muhammad Ali added: "E-Commerce was a completely different beast from what we had done so far! This brought us to our toes and we gave it our best shot. The result was impressive: we managed to attain $2 Million in sales revenues in just 40 days! NoahsCave was officially a success. We are now planning to expand to other countries as well."

On Inspirations: What Inspires the Pollination Trio

When asked what inspires them, the three fell silent and introspected for a few seconds. Pranav smiled and said: the love and adulation that we get from our connected audiences is what drives us forward. Be it our effort on pages such as Art Studio, Life of a Rider or Take Moments, or be it the audiences that followed us for funny content on Hiptoro. This is what truly drives us forward.

Quoting an example of a recent modern-day figure, Muhammad pointed out that Rupert Murdoch, the controversial media mogul inspires him the most. He pointed out Murdoch's strategies of constant acquisitions and expansions, as well as at his hunger for doing better even at such an old age. He pointed out that the man was as controversial as it gets, but when it comes to business acumen, few in the media have ever reached as high as Murdoch.

Jagrit gave an insight into inspirations, saying, at the end of the day, the biggest inspiration is the results that we get: sometimes they're instantaneous, sometimes they take time. The longer it takes to achieve what we want, the sweeter the taste of success! This hunger for better numbers keeps us driven!

On Work-Life Balance and Employees

Pollination employs over 30 people, most of whom work remotely. Pranav points out that in such a relationship, you require a high level of trust from both ends. The employer must trust the employee and the employee needs to trust the employer.

Jagrit adds that "sometimes we've had cases where content creators have gone AWOL without notifying us! Sometimes they just ghost us. That's not cool! However, thankfully, we've found the perfect combination now! Our content-creators are top-notch and we owe a lot of our success to them."

Talking about work-life balance, Muhammad says that sometimes they get so involved in" their work that their personal lives take a backseat. However, they are trying to ‘fix' this. The trio keep reminding each other when they see someone straining themselves out. "Sometimes it feels like we're burning the candle from both ends. But sometimes it just feels perfect."

Closing Statement: The Success Mantra

When asked what their success mantra was, Pollination co-founders responded almost in unison "hard work."

Jagrit added: "our work speaks for us. It was a gradual growth curve. People who enter the internet markets want instant success. We seize every moment we get. We were struck financially, as well as in terms of traffic after Facebook took down Hiptoro. But we didn't back out of the markets - we dived deeper with e-commerce and it was a huge success. While it appears to be an overnight success, I know the amount of effort we three, as well as our employees put in to achieve this level of success. There's no substitute to hard work."

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