Coin World’s New Platform Launched In March 2019, Aims To Change Cold Situation of the Coin Circle
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Coin World’s New Platform Launched In March 2019, Aims To Change Cold Situation of the Coin Circle

Monday, April 8, 2019 6:45 AM
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SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA / ACCESSWIRE / April 8, 2019 / Coin World has released its new application platform with six fundamental frameworks in March, 2019. As the distributive DAPP with real use of Block-chain technology, Coin World explores the technological innovation and application with international perspective on one hand, and create an open, interactive value application platforms with collective management of investors on the other hand, supplies open technical interfaces for the Coin Circle developer, which make the overall interaction of investors on encrypted digital currency possible.

The past 2018 was the year that the bubble of Coin Circle broken out rapidly. The price of encrypted digital currency fell nonlinearly, numerous investors regained nothing except heavy loss. Even the Bitcoin, the ancestor of the encrypted digital currency, couldn't survive. Its value fell from the top $19783.06 in 2017 to $3800 in 2018, a total 80% decline, which also gave a fatal blow to the whole encrypted digital currency market. Even though the Coin Circle was too freezing and difficult, there were still some phenomenal modes of mutual assistance began to rise and saved the declining trend of the Coin Circle gradually. Among which, the Coin World Project is a typical representative.

In 2019, Coin World adopts six fundamental frameworks to build a new application platform, which drives the overall interactive development of the Coin Circle and urges coin investors to find new directions for investment again. First, Coin World adopts this method to accelerate the circulation of encrypted digital currency, that's just possessing coins to participate uniformly to exchange the help value with various encrypted digital currencies. Second, using distributed and open operation platform, the whole network adopts intelligent contract matching and interactive self-help to pull up the coin market and expand the market volume of the Coin Circle. Third, using the self-owned application platform to consume bubbles, opening interface and uploading technical applications, allowing to post on the open APP community to realize co-management, mutual assistance and win-win of investment in the Coin Circle can be promoted. Fourth, three kinds of transactions, namely using agent application mechanism to tap potential, gaining unlimited access flow by the listing mechanism with application and interactively cycling, reduce the threshold of investment access. Fifth, promoting global trade and circulation anonymously and quitting to gain profit at high price as free selection of digital currency improve the benefit ratio of encrypted digital currency and accelerate the risk conversion and the realization of income. Sixth, operating in the mode of automatic transfer of smart contract as scheduled improves the security level, enhance the confidence of investors, and make the investor return at ease.

Six basic frameworks are built flexibly, Coin World makes investors hug together to stay warm, to get through the cold winter of the Coin Circle, and usher the next bull market. Taking off the over packaged appearance, returning to the market of rational investment, conforming to the international investment trend of encrypted digital currency, Coin World will take totally new incentive mechanism to bring in considerable benefits. In the stage of the platform promotion, investors can use various mainstream digital currencies to exchange the booster value and participate in the investment project of Coin World to realize the income. At the same time, by investing to donate to Geili wallet, the currency valued can be enhanced, 110% to 130% of the ultra-high returns can also be gained.

Pulling up the market value of each currency, transferring the investment risk, increasing revenue, are always fundamental. While this is accorded with the HwangHyeon-cheol's opinion coincidentally, who is former advanced executive of Citi and Allianz, that is "the liquidity and the market size of encrypted digital currency are just the key of its price". The commercial model that enable different currencies to interactive impact and exchange, will greatly enhance the liquidity and the market size of encrypted digital currency. As a result, the value of encrypted digital currency can be improved effectively, more profits can be obtained, and more risk can be transferred.

Enlarging the value of assistance, promoting the increase of income, Coin World also uses two reward mechanisms, such as popularization and community agent, to accelerate the orderly use of the coin market. In the promotion model, investors are solo individuals who enjoy stable returns ranging from 1% to 4% per day, which limits the formation of bubbles and even avoids the entry of bad investors. In the community agency model, the investor is not only an individual, but also in a group. it brings together all the participants, strengthens the market confidence, activates the investment mechanism, While profiting between 40% and 80%, it will attract more investors to participate.

Coin World builds a win-win ecosphere of encrypted digital currency. With flexible and diverse modes and mature and reliable application mechanism, investors' confidence in Coin Circle will be picked up again, and the declining trend will be saved by igniting it.

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