Decentralized Exchange CPCT, a True Digital Asset Trading Platform
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Decentralized Exchange CPCT, a True Digital Asset Trading Platform

Tuesday, March 19, 2019 9:50 AM
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SINGAPORE / ACCESSWIRE / March 19, 2019 / I open the exchange three times a day to see the market, has the currency gone up? Has the currency fallen? Is the coin still alive?

During the bear market, many currencies fell into slag and even declared death directly; many projects and companies that had risen in the bull market either succumbed to difficulties or disappeared directly. The bear market is cold, ask the blockchain industry, who can escape this "big robbery"? It is said that regardless of the bulls and bears, the exchange is the most dynamic, but in this bleak environment, many exchanges have not escaped the fate of bankruptcy. After all, it's because it's not enough to decentralized.

Everyone familiar with the head trades all the fire coins, OKEX, coin security, Fcoin, etc. When people use these platforms, the first thing to spit is the cumbersome operation. To trade coins, various verifications, like two-step verification, fingerprints, passwords, etc., in addition, the transaction must hold the currency of the currency corresponding to the transaction pair to buy, but whether you are USDT, ETH or BTC trading pairs, you need to buy first, how to buy? This involves on-floor trading and over-the-counter trading. Some exchanges facilitate the user to buy and sell currencies, and accept the centralized exchange of redemption of the assets, which also makes the decentralized exchange become a semi-centralized exchange, of course, the risk of this will also rise.

Decentralized exchanges are exchanged directly on the blockchain, and digital currencies are sent directly back to the user's wallet or to smart contracts that are stored on the blockchain. Compared to centralized exchanges, decentralized exchanges are much simpler. User assets are always under the control of the user or open source smart contract code. Users do not need to provide personal information to the exchange. Asset transfer does not require any labor review. However, with the current technology maturity and lack of user education, the decentralized exchange platform is not easy to operate, limited mobility, and does not support Token payment, etc., which will cause a worse user experience, which is a rapidly changing currency in terms of operability.

Centralized exchanges have low security performance, semi-decentralized exchanges are vulnerable to hacking and data fraud, and decentralized exchanges have poor user experience and operability. Is there currently no exchange that can go to the store?

The answer is -YES!

CPCT Blockchain Assets Exchange Platform is a digital currency trading platform established by the Singapore CPCT Foundation, referred to as CPCT. At the same time, CPCT is the world's first community trading platform that advocates open autonomy, and guides the establishment of technological ecology through distributed autonomous communities. CPCT not only provides users with cryptocurrency transactions, but also provides trading services for world financial derivatives based on cryptocurrency, and rewards community users through occasional airdrop tokens, making a true digital asset trading platform, one-stop touch Reaching users and quality digital assets worldwide.

CPCT has three major platform features. First, the financial-grade trading system, CPCT trading system can achieve the speed and stability of the financial level, using the securities-level advanced algorithm for memory matching, so that the transaction efficiency is fully guaranteed. Second, top security protection, bank-level user data encryption, dynamic identity verification, multi-level risk identification control, to ensure transaction security; wallet multi-layer encryption, offline cold storage, layer-by-layer buckle, to ensure the security of funds. The third is community management, relying on blockchain technology and the concept of streamlining and streamlining, sharing revenue with community users, and working with community users to complete community governance.

The community-based digital asset trading platform is currently rare. The operation team and community users work together to conduct community governance, and the data is transparent and transparent, avoiding the drawbacks of human manipulation in centralized operations. In addition, under the premise of ensuring sufficient security, the investment and investment measures will enable users to conduct transactions on world financial derivatives based on cryptocurrencies in addition to cryptocurrency transactions. Such an initiative fully demonstrates what is a one-stop asset trading platform for global users, and CPCT will become a truly secure, fair, open and transparent digital asset trading platform.


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SOURCE: CPCT Foundation Ltd.

CPCT Foundation Ltd.
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