Northwest Frenchies Specializes in Breeding Rare Colored French Bulldog Puppies
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Northwest Frenchies Specializes in Breeding Rare Colored French Bulldog Puppies

Monday, March 11, 2019 6:11 AM
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Fans of the "Adora-BULL Breed Can Find Lilac, Chocolate and Blue Puppies at the French Bulldog Breeder

RIDGEFIELD, WA / ACCESSWIRE / March 11, 2019 /The founders of Northwest Frenchies, a French Bulldog breeder based in Ridgefield, Washington, are pleased to announce that they specialize in breeding rare colored French bulldog puppies in appealing shades like lilac, chocolate and blue.

To learn more about Northwest Frenchies and what inspired the founders to start breeding and offering "adora-BULL" French Bulldogs for sale, please visit

As Tanya Kharus, Co-Owner of Northwest Frenchies noted, there are a number of important things that help to set her business apart from other breeders.

"Northwest Frenchies stands out because of our core values, dedication to quality, health, and longevity, our niche in coat color, and unique selection of blood lines," she said, adding that she and her mother are proud of the work that they do and are devoted to combining carefully selected Hungarian, Canadian, American and German blood lines to create a unique lineage in every French bulldog puppy they breed.

Interestingly, Kharus noted, her mom was not always fond of dogs. When her mom was a child, she was bitten by a dog when trying to share a piece of bread with him, and after that she developed an understandably intense fear of dogs.

"All of that changed when she was introduced to a French Bulldog. A Frenchie's undeniable charm, unconditional love, and affectionate personality won her heart over and changed her life in ways she never expected," Kharus said.

Around the same time, Kharus' mom was feeling stuck in a miserable and toxic work environment. The combination of her positive experience with a French Bulldog, along with her desire to leave her job, inspired Kharus' mom to make a leap of faith and learn all she could about French Bulldog breeding.

"I have been working together with my mother since I was 16 years old to help build the breeding program that we have now," Kharus said, adding that her education in biology and nursing offer extensive knowledge in genetics, pharmacology, and therapeutics.

"I use my experience in the medical field to provide a comprehensive and holistic approach to raising this delicate breed along with the help of our trusted veterinarian."

In addition to their passion for French Bulldogs, their expertise and careful breeding, Kharus said what truly helps Northwest Frenchies stand out is their love for their dogs, their dedication to bettering the breed and their support to the many happy adoptive families.

"I stand by my dogs and support the families that purchase my puppies in raising their new family member. They say it takes a village to raise a child, and with NW Frenchies you will never feel alone," she said.

About Northwest Frenchies:

Northwest Frenchies specializes in producing only the finest pure-bred AKC registered Frenchies with rare coat colors, small and compact structure, and affectionate personalities. A French Bulldog breeder with nearly a decade of experience, NW Frenchies runs a world-class breeding program with the highest standards to ensure the absolute best circumstances for all of their puppies and adopting families. Contact Tanya Kharus at (503) 349-3944 for more information, or visit the website at


Tanya Kharus

[email protected]

(503) 349-3944

SOURCE: Northwest Frenchies
Northwest Frenchies
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