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Don Forman Las Vegas Philanthropy Knows No Bounds

Thursday, March 7, 2019 11:45 AM
Don Forman

LAS VEGAS, NV / ACCESSWIRE / March 7, 2019 / When is a car dealership owner much more than a car dealership owner? When he engages in incredible levels of charitable and philanthropic work for the community in which he does business.

Don Forman, of Don Forman United Nissan and also known best for his Don Forman Las Vegas dealership, is one of the auto industry's biggest proponents of giving back to communities.

Las Vegas Blood Drive

One of the most recent efforts by Forman and his team from Don Forman United Nissan was a blood drive for the city of Las Vegas. The dealership's unique method of helping was ingenious: he and his employees, along with other Nissan workers in the city, arranged to give free rides to blood donation sites for anyone who needed one. Considering that blood donors often mention "lack of transportation" as a reason for not giving blood more often, the solution was exactly the right thing at the right time.

Forman's Help for Students and Needy Families

When he and his group aren't busy helping blood donors with a lift to the donation venue, the Don Forman Las Vegas philanthropy superstars are assisting needy local families and students who lack school supplies. The list of actions by Forman and company is impressive, and includes such things as providing scholarship funds for students who have no other way of attending school, giving free new cars to parents who are in desperate need of transportation but are financially strapped, to name but a few of Forman's charitable activities.

Community Efforts Make the Difference

The clever twist to the way the Don Forman United Nissan organization works, with Forman as initiator and ringleader, is the enlistment of other local groups to pitch in and do their part. This is what community action and effective philanthropy is all about: using your network of friends, coworkers, and even business competitors to rally to a cause. Whether that cause is a blood drive, a scholarship program or an educational effort for needy students, the Don Forman Las Vegas team is always at the ready.

Why It Matters

Mr. Forman strongly believes in the power of positive action. One recent example involved a group of high school girls who had qualified to attend UNLV but had absolutely no way of covering the tuition and other associated expenses. Forman saw to it that the seven young women had all their tuition and expenses taken care of. He even threw in new cars for each of the new college students, making sure they understood exactly why he felt compelled to help them.

Forman sometimes faces obstacles from those who think his approach is not "good for business" and that his time-intensive charitable efforts take away from his responsibility as a dealership owner. His answer to that line of thinking is to simply dismiss it altogether. That's because Forman understands something that most entrepreneurs don't: being a good citizen, good neighbor and helpful community member is the first priority. Running a car dealership is important too, mainly because his success in that area allows him to support his neighbors and friends when they need it most.

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SOURCE: Don Forman

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