Prepaid Brand Buck(TM) Offer Online Shoppers a New Option to Save and Earn
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Prepaid Brand Buck(TM) Offer Online Shoppers a New Option to Save and Earn

Wednesday, March 13, 2019 3:50 PM
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SCOTTSDALE, AZ / ACCESSWIRE / March 13, 2019 / Brand BucksTM is providing a new option for those looking to save money through online shopping. The internet retailer, known for its discounted vouchers, now is offering Prepaid Brand BucksTM that give customers single use codes to use when shopping with a variety of brands.

One of the things that makes Brand BucksTM a unique opportunity is its offer of ''profit points'' to customers. After purchasing a Prepaid Brand BuckTM or Brand BuckTM Voucher, a shopper is awarded a certain amount of these points, which turn into cash at the end of each month. The value of each point can vary month to month based on the number of collective purchases made by all customers, and those who share with others can increase their number of points.

In the past, this was done exclusively through the purchase of vouchers. A Brand BucksTM Voucher offers an immediate discount (a $25 card for $20 for instance) and profit points that equal 80% of the purchase price. These savings and earnings for customers are made possible by brands who have agreed to pay an online service, Trunited (see for more info), for each purchase made with a voucher. Trunited then pays this cash back to the group of customers each month.

Vouchers require a minimum purchase on a given brand's website in order to be redeemed. This minimum purchase varies by brand and by the voucher value, but it's an enticing option for brands who are looking to increase their customer bases and show the value of their products to new consumers.

The new Prepaid Brand BucksTM are also single-use codes to be redeemed on a brand's website, but they don't require a minimum purchase, making them accessible to shoppers looking to spend a specific amount or purchase a given product. They also offer profit points with every purchase and are easy to use.

To shop for Brand BucksTM those who are interested can visit (They will need to sign up for a Trunited account, which is free.)

Those who would like to learn more, or business owners who are interested in learning how they can connect with a motivated group of loyal shoppers, head to

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