EarthWater Launches New "Private Label Program," Creates "Black Water" Category, expanding into a $2.8 Billion Growing Market

EarthWater, PLC

EarthWater Launches New "Private Label Program," Creates "Black Water" Category, expanding into a $2.8 Billion Growing Market

Tuesday, March 5, 2019 9:55 AM

DALLAS, TX / ACCESSWIRE / March 5, 2019 / EarthWater,, a Texas manufacturer of consumer health and wellness products, announced today the Company is launching a new 'Private Label Program' in response to enormous requests from Corporate Clients desiring to enter the "Black Water" category as well as to expand into the number one growing Private Label Water Market, now exceeding $2.8 Billion Dollars.

EarthWater Chairman/CEO CJ Comu stated, "We knew people were fascinated and wanted to enter the category we built for 'Black Water' rather than have potential competitors entering to this highly sophisticated and proprietary process, we decided to be the source manufacturer and allow the market to experience and enjoy what we have been selling world-wide for five years. This further supports our mission statement 'to help change and improve people’s lives with the power of natural trace minerals and a natural high pH." Mr. Comu added, "We invite all Health Clubs, Schools, Fitness Centers, Country Clubs, Sports Teams, and any other organization ever wanting their unique brand on our healthy, proprietary formulation to contact us at [email protected]."

(Potential Private Label Brands coming to Market)

According to 'Beverage Industry Magazine', as the consumer-packaged goods, (CPG) market continues to influx with value-focused brands, experts note more and more retailers are placing greater emphasis on their own brands. With steadily increasing sales, private label CPGs are giving branded products a run for their money.

According to Chicago-based Information Resources Inc.'s (IRI) November, 2018 Private Label Report, "Retailer private-label programs are taking off and transforming the CPG industry, providing consumers not only value, but also products having high ethical, environmental and taste standards."

Leading the Private Label sector is Convenience/PET Still Water and Seltzer/Sparkling/Mineral Water, which also marked an increase, each rising in dollar sales by 10% and 9.5% respectively, over the previous year based on IRI data.

According to New York-based Beverage Marketing Corporation's (BMC) October 2018 Report titled Private Label Beverages & Contract Packaging in the U.S., sales of private label products of all types once again increased in 2017, reaching $122.3 billion, an increase of almost $3 billion from 2016, it states.

This year, private label dollar sales grew 5.8%, outpacing national brands and the overall CPG sector by 1.5% and 2.1%, respectively, according to the same report. Private label accounts for 16% to 20% of CPG dollar spending across generations, it adds. Experts note a key to success of private label products is getting consumers to view them as they would any other brand. Success in today's private label business, is now attributed to product quality, distribution, capacity and price, whereas it was virtually all about the price in the past, BMC's Report states, "While price may be what draws consumers to the private label brand, the quality and value will keep the consumer as a repeat purchaser."

Gary Hemphill, managing director of research at BMC notes, the pivotal role price plays in the category, "the primary reason people purchase private label products is price. Other factors like quality and packaging can contribute to the success or lack thereof of private label products, but price is the primary reason."

A common theme within the bottled water category is retailers implementing private label programs, which helps consumers view private label products as they would any other brand. "Retailers with a successful private label strategy treat their private label products as brands and use traditional promotional tools to boost their sales," BMC's Report says.

Who buys private label? When it comes to purchasing private label, the incidence can vary based on generation demographics. The following chart is a break-down of consumers who expect to purchase more private label during the next six months with total population by generation.



Gen X






Source: Information Resources Inc. (IRI) Private Label November 2018 Consumer Connect

"ECommerce private label sales are seeing explosive growth across food and beverage and non-food categories," the market research firm’s report states, "The growth of eCommerce will also allow retailers to target shoppers in new markets and build trust in their private label lines," according to IRI.

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