Shipco is Changing How PCB Embedded Components are Brought to the High-Speed Signalling Market
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Shipco is Changing How PCB Embedded Components are Brought to the High-Speed Signalling Market

Monday, March 4, 2019 7:19 AM
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Company Update

Shipco Circuits Ltd., an Ireland-Based EMS Provider, Has Launched an Innovative and Effective Method for Embedding Discrete Components Inside PCBs to Market

MACROOM, IRELAND / ACCESSWIRE / March 4, 2019 / The founders of Ireland-based EMS provider Shipco Circuits Ltd,, are pleased to announce that they have brought a robust method for embedding discrete components inside PCBs to market.

To learn more about how Shipco has perfected the process of embedding electronic components directly into PCB inner layers using their patent pending-technology, please visit

As a company spokesperson noted, the process of directly embedding (precision) components in PCBs reduces manufacturing complexity by allowing shorter, near stub-free routing between terminations and chip pins in high-speed data systems.

"This allows to easily create smaller PCB/package sizes with better signal integrity due to their compact wiring design," the spokesperson noted, adding that to get this configuration, the inner layers are populated with soldered discrete SMT resistors terminating very close to BGA pins or at the end of a signal path.

"This achieves shorter trace lengths without the addition of via holes which improve both signal integrity and cost performance ratio."

Shipco Circuits has perfected this process over the last decade and developed a patent-pending technology package that positions the company to be a significant factor in advancing the high-speed signalling market worldwide. The applications for high-integrity and compact PCBs layout are near limitless, the spokesperson noted. A few examples are power supplies, high-frequency radar, data applications, computer vision and applications with stringent reliability and/or heat constraints such as next-generation automotive industry.

As a complement to the technology, Shipco now also offers PCBs with capacitive power planes. This further improves both EMI suppression and signal integrity as well as enabling the use of thinner PCBs or higher layer count in board configuration. The jump in performance is due the use of thinner material with exceptional electrical integrity and by the use of high-quality ESR capacitors employing lesser space.

Parts of the manufacturing processes are patent pending. Affordable licensing agreements with minimal up front fees are available to interested PCB suppliers.

Contact an engineer with a particular application at:, [email protected] or +353 26 41314. Or, to Get a Quote / Request More Information, people may also fill out a short form on the company's website.

About Shipco Circuits Ltd.:

Shipco Circuits Ltd., combined with its predecessor, is the longest established Printed Circuit Board supplier in Ireland. The team has proudly served the European Electronics market for over 40 years. As globalization has influenced every economy, Shipco Circuits Ltd. has evolved from manufacturing into a knowledge based business. Their team is regarded by many clients as a critical extension of their own business. Not just in the supply of on time PCBs at competitive prices but in the technical expertise that applies to nearly all orders. Shipco Circuits is not limited to what they can supply by today’s technology, and they challenge people to come up with a PCB problem that they cannot provide a viable solution for. For more information, please visit


Sten Bjorsell

[email protected]

+353 26 41314

SOURCE: Shipco Circuits Ltd

Shipco Circuits Ltd
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