The Most Powerful Platform for Cryptocurrency Traders, Announcing The Launch of TheTIE.IO


The Most Powerful Platform for Cryptocurrency Traders, Announcing The Launch of TheTIE.IO

Thursday, February 14, 2019 9:00 AM

23-year-old entrepreneur leads founding team featuring former Thomson Reuters President & CEO of Social Market Analytics

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / February 14, 2019 / THETIE.IO, LLC ("The TIE"), announces the public launch of, an integrated platform for advanced retail, professional, and institutional cryptocurrency traders. The TIE combines proprietary predictive sentiment analytics with technical indicators, fundamental analysis, and market data, to provide the largest set of actionable insights for cryptocurrency investors.

Co-founded with Social Market Analytics (SMA), the market leader in the provision of proprietary predictive sentiment analytics to quantitative hedge funds and large financial firms, The TIE has developed predictive trading indicators for the cryptocurrency market. Using patented technology, The TIE is able to identify instances in which extremely positive or negative Twitter conversations are occurring around a particular cryptocurrency. Sentiment is a powerful tool for analyzing the cryptocurrency market and for predicting future price movements. In many instances, that negative or positive conversation is driven by news, which breaks on Twitter first. In an asset class void of traditional fundamental data, sentiment has shown to be the most significant driver of price movement. To read more about The TIE's proprietary predictive sentiment data and how traders can use it to outperform the market, visit this link.

Launching today is the integration of The TIE's proprietary sentiment data with TradingView technical indicators to customize the ultimate trading experience. Users can now overlay indicators such as sentiment, NVT ratios, MACD, moving averages, and more all in the same chart to visualize market rallies, spot trends, and identify actionable trading opportunities. The integration of sentiment data with TradingView technical indicators is exclusively available on The TIE.

In addition to trading signals, The TIE integrates news feeds from over 2,000 diverse sources, portfolio management, a tool for comparing cryptocurrencies across nearly 50 data points, filtered Twitter feeds on each coin, sentiment-tilted indexes, and the most powerful and free alerting tool. The TIE's alerting tool enables users to select among preset alert templates or to create customized alerts each with up to five rules. Users can set alerts on a specific coin, any coin among the 250+ that The TIE tracks, or on any coin in their portfolio. These alerts will then be shown on the platform and sent to the user via Email or Twitter direct message. To read more about The TIE's alerting system, visit this link.

With a growing user base from more than 100 countries, the TIE plans to continue its rapid expansion by developing smart-order routing technology, cross-platform trading, and tools for managing on- and off- exchange holdings.

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About The TIE

Based in New York, THETIE.IO, LLC was founded in December 2017 by co-founders Joshua Frank, Joseph Gits, and Eric Frank. Joshua was formerly a consultant at SS&C Technologies developing post-trade settlement technology. Joseph was a co-founder of QAI, VP of Quantitative Analytics at Thomson Reuters, and is currently the CEO of Social Market Analytics. Eric was the former President of the $2.3B Investment & Advisory division at Thomson Reuters, the inventor of, and is currently the CEO of Lightbox, a private equity backed real estate data firm.

The TIE's mission is to provide cryptocurrency traders with the fullest suite of tools that they need to identify signals, execute ideas, and manage their holdings. The TIE is working to build best in class predictive analytics, the largest breadth of actionable data, a smarter and more liquid way to trade, and the tools to track on- and off- exchange holdings. is the solution for advanced retail, professional, and small institutional cryptocurrency traders looking for a sophisticated, yet intuitive way to trade.

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