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Mt Pelerin Announces New Advisor Mr. Marc Fleury, Founder of JBoss and ex-Senior Vice President at Red Hat

Tuesday, 12 February 2019 10:05 AM

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND / ACCESSWIRE / February 12, 2019 / Today, Mt Pelerin is happy to welcome and introduce its new advisor, Mr. Marc Fleury, a pioneer of open source software and a strong advocate of decentralization.

Marc was born in Paris, France, where he earned his Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics from France's prestigious École Polytechnique for his work done as a visiting scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He also obtained a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics and Physics from the École Polytechnique, and a Master's degree in Theoretical Physics from the École Normale Supérieure. He also served as a Lieutenant in France's 17th Parachute Engineer Regiment during his military service.

He began his professional career working for Sun Microsystems, where he became one of the early Java evangelists and developed an interest in Internet infrastructure. As a result, he wrote an important chapter of open source's history when he disrupted the enterprise software industry with the creation of JBoss, an application server. At a time when open source was viewed as a dead end by most of the heavyweights of the industry, Marc built JBoss as one of the very first sustainable open source business models and turned it into a commercial success in a very short amount of time. As CEO of JBoss, Marc raised $10 million in venture capital in 2004, and sold JBoss to Red Hat for $350 million in April 2006.

After overseeing the transition of his company as Red Hat's Senior Vice President and General Manager, Marc retired and went back to research in his domains of interest, including physics, biology, banking theory and modern monetary theory (MMT).

Today, Marc conducts research on ontologies of quantum mechanics, focusing on experiments. He is a published author on the topics of Monte-Carlo software simulations of hydrodynamic analogs of quantum mechanics and optical experiments on entangled photons, with a focus on Bell inequalities.

Marc is also involved in performance art and music production, as co-creator of ''Poèmes Électroniques'' and ''The Church of Space.'' He has performed internationally with both acts as producer, live electronic musician and artistic director, headlining leading electronic music festivals such as Moogfest.

In 2018, after a decade invested in intellectual and artistic pursuits, growth and meditation, Marc is back to active business life with his newly founded FreeSide Funds. In this new capacity of advisor, Marc will be supporting Mt Pelerin with an invaluable business acumen and technological experience, and a philosophical guidance on the project's values and vision.

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