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Mark Campbell, Vice President of Marketing for InventureX Crowdfunding Company, is Featured in New Interview

Thursday, January 17, 2019 5:26 AM

Campbell Was Recently Interviewed for an Article on

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / January 17, 2019 / Mark Campbell, Vice President of Marketing for the InventureX crowdfunding company, was recently featured in a new interview on

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In the article, which is titled ''Chatting Crowdfunding with Mark Campbell Of InventureX,'' Campbell is asked a number of interesting questions, starting out with ''How did you get started in the crowdfunding industry?''

As Campbell explained, ever since he was a boy he has enjoyed hearing stories about how people can transform a seemingly small idea into a successful business.

''Working in the crowdfunding field allows me to hear those stories and call it my job, so I really couldn't be happier with my career choice,'' he said.

When asked about the one trait that he believes has made him so successful in his career, Campbell had a ready answer.

''I believe that my dedication and passion are the drivers of my professional success,'' he said, adding that people can't be satisfied with their lives unless they are fulfilled by their work, which means doing what they love well.

''I try to do that every day,'' he noted.

When he is not busy at work helping budding entrepreneurs to reach their crowdfunding goals, Campbell told the interviewer that he enjoys taking walks on the beach with his wife, as well as attending car shows and traveling internationally.

As for a key piece of advice that he would like to pass along to brand new entrepreneurs, Campbell said he would tell them not to play it safe all of the time. While failure is an understandably scary thought, he feels it is important for entrepreneurial newbies to step outside of their comfort zone to help their new business succeed.

The interviewer finished up the session by asking Campbell to share a random fact that nobody really knows about him. As he noted, he has recently started to develop a ''casual interest'' in cryptocurrencies.

''Crowdfunding is already handled online, so I don't think it is too much of a stretch to envision a future in which we're raising Bitcoin instead of dollars on behalf of our clients,'' he said.

About InventureX:

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