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Malaysia KPL 5v5 Online Season 2 has officially ended

Tuesday, January 15, 2019 2:56 AM

Mobile gaming e-sports has gradually emerged in Malaysia and its popularity has grown rapidly among young Malaysians. Malaysia KPL 5v5 Online tournament has attracted a total of 128 teams to participate. 5v5 Esports is bridging e-sports between Malaysia and China

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA / ACCESSWIRE / January 15, 2019 / Congratulations to ESG for winning the championship!

After three weeks of fiery battle, the 5v5 Esports Malaysia Malaysia KPL tournament Season 2 has officially ended. The grand final was held on 29th of December, 2018 (Saturday) at WORQ UOA Business Park. In the end, it was Team ESG that has won the championship, earning their throne of the highest glory of Malaysia's King of Glory Tournament. The tournament is mainly sponsored by GGC Global Game Chain, HONOR Malaysia, Creative Sound Blaster X, Nutriline, Case for U Baseus, BK8 and BK8 LIVE TV Apps.

5v5 Esports Sdn Bhd , Tuesday, January 15, 2019, Press release picture

The total prize pool for this tournament totalled in $20,000. The champion (Team ESG) has won a total of $10,760 while runner-up (TG Gaming) won $4,720 , second runner-up (Victory) won $2,760 , third runner-up won $1,760. On the grand finals, Team ESG has defeated their opponent with a score of 4-1 and successfully won the title as the champion of the Season 2 Malaysia KPL 5v5 tournament.

Both teams are powerful and well-known teams. Team ESG has been formed and established for nearly two years. Throughout their time together, they have been training hard in King of Glory Mobile Game. In Malaysia, ESG is categorized as a professional E-sport team. Although ESG is based in Johor, all of the players are from different states in Malaysia. Team ESG is also mainly sponsored by BK8. ESG and BK8 have been running a partnership in e-sports for quite some time.

As for TG Gaming, they have been established for half a year and has been actively participated in a lot of King of Glory tournaments. Their players are experienced players and have won a lot of prizes in various tournaments. They are known as the most famous King of Glory Esports team in Malaysia. Their ability is directly proportional to their level of popularity as they have successfully fought their way to the finals.

Mobile gaming e-sports has gradually emerged in Malaysia and its popularity has grown rapidly among young Malaysians. This tournament has attracted a total of 128 teams to participate, resulting to be the largest mobile game e-sport tournament in Malaysia's history. Also, BK8 has been a very supportive sponsor for the tournaments.

Hanson Chan, the chairman and vice president of 5v5 E-sport, said that one of the main reasons why mobile game e-sports is so widely loved in Malaysia is that the participation criteria is low. As long as you own a mobile phone, you are able to participate. Many people have been thinking that e-sports is equivalent to playing games. This is a huge misunderstanding as playing games shall be a casual activity where you enjoy yourselves by casually playing the game just for the fun and excitement. As for E-sports, factors like technology, team communication, psychological quality and tactics have to be put into account in order to win. The only difference between sports and e-sports is that e-sport players do not sweat.

Hanson Chan, vice president, expressed that he hopes to build an e-sport platform in Malaysia in order to provide opportunities for Malaysian players to achieve their dream to be a professional e-sport player. He hopes that people would believe in the future of e-sports and view it as a career opportunity just like sports.

5v5esports will host and organize many more different e-sports competitions and tournaments in the upcoming days. Latest news and updates can be referred at 5v5esports Facebook page and tournament website

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SOURCE: 5v5 Esports Sdn Bhd

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