Emerging Auto Technology Pushing Customers Towards Liberty Automotive Protection

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Emerging Auto Technology Pushing Customers Towards Liberty Automotive Protection

Friday, January 18, 2019 1:32 PM

OCEAN, NJ / ACCESSWIRE / January 18, 2019 / No matter the make or model of your vehicle, when you least expect it, and the most financially inopportune time, you'll experience a mechanical breakdown, says representatives at Liberty Automotive Protection. And this will be costly. Modern cars are becoming more complicated and annoying. Unfortunately, today, no matter what make or model car you have, you're going to experience some sort of costly repair because of quality.

Quality Of Cars Getting Worse

Over the past three years, there have been numerous recalls. General Motors (GM) and Toyota has defective ignition switches or accelerator pedals, and Ford has faulty airbags. Liberty Automotive Protection representatives point out, Audi, Suburu, and even BMWs all have increasing problems, and the numbers keep rising. Experts say emerging high-tech equipment is making cars vulnerable. In addition, major manufacturers are launching new models at ever shorter intervals due to growing competition. In addition, car manufacturers are trying to counter rising cost pressures by increasingly leaving new developments to suppliers. One consequence of this is apparently that quality is falling short.

How Does This Affect Customers?

A lack of quality means customers need better assurances, and often this falls to additional warranties. Representatives at Liberty Automotive Protection point out how extended warranties add value to the car, especially for those who do not consistently maintain their vehicle.

Surprisingly, a great majority of car owners neglect regular maintenance, and the risks of mechanical breakdowns increase. The costs of managing and maintaining one's own cars should influence the purchase decisions, because if you can't afford to pay for regular maintenance, then you should definitely purchase an extended warranty.

You can get different levels of extended warranty coverage, typically the different policies will protect the following:

  • Engine parts
  • Transmission
  • Electrical components: alternator

However, these policies do not cover ordinary maintenance or damage from road accidents, and it doesn't cover wear and tear, but if you have a used car, or don't typically take your car for regular maintenance, an extended warranty can become a lifesaver when you have an unexpected mechanical breakdown.

How To Know If You Should Buy A Warranty?

Experts say to look for consumption reports or other car reviews that will show what you can expect from your vehicle's performance over time, usually there are data available that can help you figure out what problems you might expect in the future. It's no secret that there are some car manufacturers with better, and more consistent mechanical operations than others. When trying to determine if an extended warranty is worth the cost, consider these factors, but consumers generally agree that it's worth spending the money on this type of guarantee.

Also, consider how long you plan to keep your car and weigh the cost of coverage against the cost of the planned repairs. The average repair for a luxury vehicle is around $1,600, so be aware of potential out-of-pocket costs and how an extended warranty could be beneficial.

The extra warranty is intended as an insurance policy to shield your pockets from the shock of repair costs; of course, those with the ability to pay for unexpected repairs may choose to gamble and take the risk, but most people cannot afford to gamble.


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SOURCE: Liberty Automotive