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AYOXXA Signs Research Agreement in the Field of Ophthalmology With One of the Leading Pharmaceutical Companies

Monday, 07 January 2019 10:45

AYOXXA Biosystems GmbH

Agreement targets the development of low volume and high sensitivity multiplex assays for aqueous humor protein profiling for biomarker identification and validation in support of drug discovery in ophthalmology

  • This collaboration reflects an initial phase of a multi study plan in the field of ophthalmology
  • Further step to establish AYOXXA LUNARISTM system as the standard for biomarker identification and validation in translational proteomics

COLOGNE, GERMANY / ACCESSWIRE / January 7, 2019 / AYOXXA Biosystems GmbH, an international biotechnology company offering a range of products and services which enable advances in translational proteomics, today announced that it has signed a research agreement with one of the leading pharmaceutical companies for the development of a series of low volume, high sensitivity multiplex protein assays intend to validate protein biomarkers in the field of ophthalmology. Financial details were not disclosed.

The collaboration announced today is the initial phase of a multi-study plan between AYOXXA and its pharmaceutical partner to collaborate in the field of ophthalmology. In a first step, AYOXXA will leverage its proprietary multiplex immunoassay platform to develop specific in vitro assays in collaboration with the partner's research and development team. The assays will be used in clinical studies with multiple patient cohorts to identify and validate molecular biomarkers to supporting the company's drug development efforts in ophthalmology.

"AYOXXA is pleased to leverage its depth of experience in proteomic studies in the field of ophthalmology and their LUNARISTM multiplex proteomic platform to advance drug development in partnership with one of the leading pharmaceutical companies," said Rodney Turner, CEO of AYOXXA. "This agreement is a further endorsement of our technology, designed to enable exploration of complex biological processes with scalable tools to translate results from basic research through biomarker validation into clinical studies. We are very much looking forward to working with our partner's team on these exciting programs."

AYOXXA's LUNARISTM system overcomes the challenges of protein analysis in ophthalmology

Specimens used in ophthalmology are scarce and only limited sample volumes are available from clinical interventions or animal models. Also, the high viscosity of matrices like e.g. vitreous fluid often impedes the precise quantification of certain biomarkers.

AYOXXA's proprietary system LUNARISTM is specifically designed for multiplex protein analysis for biomarker identification and validation in highly precious and scarce samples. The innovative BioChip format and the planar geometry allow LUNARISTM assays to be performed with sample volumes as low as 3µL - which represents only 1/10 of the volume required by comparable multiplex technologies. LUNARISTM can be readily integrated into any laboratory routine and is optimized to provide an easy-to-use, standardized workflow from sample to result. It combines the familiarity of standard immunoassay workflow with unmatched capability for low sample volume, scalability for low- to high-throughput applications and market leading data quality. The system comprises a dedicated LUNARISTM reader and best-in-class LUNARISTM software for image-based analysis with a 100% read-out.

LUNARISTM kits follow a classical sandwich immunoassay principle with fluorescence readout. The panels and assays are painstakingly optimized using the best quality antibody-pairs to ensure the highest assay sensitivity and specificity with minimal cross-reactivity in a multiplex format.

For more information on the LUNARISTM Kit portfolio, please visit AYOXXA's website.


AYOXXA Biosystems GmbH is an international life science company based in Cologne (Germany) with offices in Boston, MA (USA) and Singapore. AYOXXA enables its customers and partners to utilize its reliable and optimized platform technology to fuel breakthroughs in all areas of life science research and to enhance success in translational science.

With LUNARISTM, its proprietary innovative beads-on-a-chip multiplexing platform for advanced protein analysis, the Company is paving the way for translating knowledge generated in a laboratory environment through clinical studies in support of basic biology and drug development. With its advantages in terms of quality, flexibility, robustness and efficiency, LUNARISTM enables fully scalable quantitative validation of biomarkers in minute amounts of biological samples. AYOXXA is commercializing a growing portfolio of standardized ready-to-use biomarker analysis assays, with a focus on the biology of inflammation and immune response.

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LUNARISTM products are intended "for research use only" and may not be used in diagnostic procedures.

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