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PubRelCo Interviews Sir Ruggero M. Santilli on the New Clean Nuclear Energies Permitted by Negatively Charged Pseudoprotons and Pseudonuclei

Friday, January 4, 2019 4:51 AM
Pubrelco Inc.
NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / January 4, 2019 / PubRelCo has been informed about the publication of the following important scientific paper providing experimental evidence by two U.S. spectroscopic laboratories on the existence of the negatively charged protons called pseudoprotons and negatively charged nuclei called pseudonuclei which are being developed by Sir Ruggero M. Santilli (see his Biographical Notes as Chief Scientist of the U. S. public company Thunder Energies Corporation (

R. M. Santilli, "Apparent Experimental Confirmation of Pseudoprotons and their Application to New Clean Nuclear Energies", "International Journal of Applied Physics and Mathematics Volume 9, Number 2, 2019"

Mankind has been unable to achieve the controlled fusion at both low and high energies despite the investment of billions of dollars of public funds because nuclei are positively charged, thus experiencing a Coulomb repulsion that acquires astronomical values at the nuclear distance needed for the fusion (see Figure 1).

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The importance of Dr. Santilli's discovery is that being negatively charged, pseudoprotons and pseudonuclei are attracted by nuclei, thus resolving the historical Coulomb barrier. In fact, pseudoproton irradiation caused the nuclear transmutation of selected light, stable and natural elements into light, stable and natural elements with a smaller atomic number, while pseudonuclei irradiation of selected elements causes basically novel nuclear fusion.

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In all cases, there is the emission of thermal energy without a release of neutrons or other harmful radiation or the release of radioactive waste. Subject to the necessary funding and time, the new energies are expected to be controllable via the control of the irradiation beams and other means within current technological capability (for details, see Dr. Santilli's interview ).

The experimental confirmation of the existence of the negatively charged pseudoprotons entirely composed of matter has confirmed doubts raised by various scientists on the claim by CERN, FERMILAB and other particle laboratories that they can produce antiprotons. Dr. Santilli suggests that particle physics laboratories should conduct various tests establishing the antimatter character of the claimed antiprotons. Interested scientists are suggested to participate in the ongoing debate in the field CERN Antiprotons or Santilli Pseudoprotons accessible in the website

Pubrelco, Inc.

Hannah Kegerreis

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SOURCE: Pubrelco, Inc.

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