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Premier Student Loan Center: Maintaining Customer Service

Monday, 07 January 2019 01:25 PM

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IRVINE, CA / ACCESSWIRE / January 7, 2019 / Due in part to the tumultuous economy, more people have opted for post-secondary education to secure themselves a job in the future. While education is a positive step towards building a solid future, post-secondary graduates are now facing higher levels of student debt than ever before; in response to this, companies like Premier Student Loan Center have made businesses out of providing borrowers with financial assistance. In their approach of focusing 100-percent on each individual client to better provide them with a customized debt repayment plan, they have decided to turn away new clients in hopes of better serving their pre-existing ones. In business for almost a decade, Premier Student Loan Center Irvine has earned their reputation of providing superior financial assistance for those needing it most.

Premier Student Loan Center Services

Premier Student Loan Center jobs involve working with their clients from the first call right through to the establishment of a new debt repayment schedule or enrolment in a government-assistance program. The Premier debt specialist team will first assess your financial standing, needs, and future goals. Your repayment schedule will be designed around your ability to sustain regular payments while still maintaining a decent standard of living and quality of life. While Premier's ultimate goal is to help their clients get out of debt, they don't want you to go broke while you are doing go.

One of the main advantages of enlisting the help of a financial-assistance company is that one of the facets of their job is to stay abreast of any new developments in government-assistance programs or Department of Education initiatives that could help their clients. If you are eligible for programs like debt consolidation or debt forgiveness, your Premier representative will advocate for you and make sure you are getting the assistance you need from every avenue.

Premier Chooses Customer Service over the Bottom Line

While growth is an indicator of business success, sometimes huge growth is not synonymous with individualized customer service. In order to avoid this downside of growth, Premier Student Loan Center has decided to close its doors to new clients to better serve their pre-existing ones. As individualized customer service and customizable debt-repayment plans are the cornerstones of the Premier philosophy, the management team voted unanimously to put a halt to the growth of their client base to ensure the upholding of their superior standard of client service and financial assistance.

If you are struggling with repaying your student debt, enlisting the help of a financial-assistance company is a means to the end of financial freedom. Not only will these companies provide you with an in-depth financial analysis to ensure your debt repayment plan is sustainable, they will also make sure you are enrolled in any and all government-assistance programs that you are eligible for. Any debt consolidation or forgiveness options will be made available to you through your debt specialist that will work with you from the time you first call in, right through to the establishment of your debt repayment plan or enrollment in an assistance program.


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SOURCE: Premier Student Loan Center

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