MoonX Starts the Campaign for EOS SuperNode

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MoonX Starts the Campaign for EOS SuperNode

Wednesday, November 21, 2018 7:45 AM

LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / November 21, 2018 / EOS is renowned for its industrial-scale application as a decentralized operating system for blockchain. To migrate to its own network, EOS made its press announcement earlier this year, looking to partner with potential organizations to execute 21 SuperNodes to support its Mainnet by 2, June 2018.

Candidates ranging from 'big fish' to 'little fish' poured in applications to EOS. Initially, EOS received over 50 applicants, some of them were — Bitfinex, Huobi, AntPool, Wancloud, OK Blockchain and MoonX.

SuperNodes operate as part of the EOS delegated proof-of-stake (DPoS) consensus mechanism. Candidates must prove their worth to win over the voter pool. If chosen, the organization will represent the network's backbone and carry the brand's competitive advantages. Candidates were chosen based on the votes they received from the EOS community members.

Most of the candidates made promises to provide talent, technology infrastructure and incubation funds for the EOS ecosystem. Candidates also pledged capital, incubation arenas and skilling programs to build EOS's ecosystem and convey their commitment to the project.

MoonX the world's fastest and safest digital assets exchange platform, built by world-class stock exchange and blockchain veterans, bagged the opportunity to execute one of the 21 SuperNodes. MoonX is the future of trading digital assets in a truly decentralized ecosystem co-owned by the entire MoonX Family. While existing solutions offer to solve just one problem at a time, the MoonX Family offers a highly secure, useful and easy-to-use product based on private blockchain.

The founding team of MoonX consists of renowned digital assets evangelists, stock exchange technologists and investment gurus. Dr Nithin Palavalli, Founding Chief Executive is an investment banker and an advisor for Hedge funds, Crypto Funds and Private companies in the US, China, Israel, India and the APAC markets. The Founding Financial Controller, Tony Lee, is a serial entrepreneur who has been a part of institutions like The World Bank and Cheung Kong China International Capital (CKCIC). Rahi Racharla, the Founding Technology Executive was the CIO of the Multi Commodity Exchange of India and a former Executive Director and Head of APAC Equity Trading at JP Morgan Chase. Anil Kumar, MoonX Technologist, was the Director of Engineering at NASDAQ, and also was a part of world class teams at Thomson Reuters and Thomson Financial.

MoonX has garnered over 11 million votes in a very short span of time. MoonX has raised 29M USD in funding within a few weeks and is supported by NGC, BCH Angel Fund, PreAngel Fund, DHVC, Node Capital, Linear VC and many other traditional investment institutions.

The MoonX — EOS partnership would develop EOS in different ways, including DAPP promotion, community building, trading pair promotion, academic research or R&D support and global nodes cooperation,

MoonX – EOS has plans to take an integrated and holistic approach to develop EOS, such as:

DAPP Promotion - EOS-MoonX would utilize its strong roots with top Venture Capital networks like Blume Ventures, Matrix Partners, IDG Ventures, Accel Partners, Sequoia Capital and more to promote EOS based DAPP initiatives.

Community Building - MoonX would hold EOS-themed hackathons, conferences, and other relevant events. MoonX has an ecosystem fund which invests in different token funds and would extend support to exceptional EOS-based projects.

Trading Pair Promotion - MoonX would adopt EOS as the base trading pair and promote necessary liquidity for EOS trading. MoonX would integrate EOS with Moon Money(MM) trading and initiate special promotional campaigns for EOS traders.

Academic Research and R&D Support - MoonX has strong links and partnerships with the leading academic institutions and top universities across India, South Korea, Taiwan and China. MoonX would bring EOS and blockchain into universities and promote young potential developers to better prepare for EOS ecosystem building.

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