Findit Prime Helps Members Reach Their Online Marketing Objectives

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Findit Prime Helps Members Reach Their Online Marketing Objectives

Monday, November 19, 2018 3:20 PM

ATLANTA, GA / ACCESSWIRE / November 19, 2018 / Findit (OTC PINK: FDIT) is the up and coming social media platform that provides its members with the most tools for getting their content seen and shared by more people. While Findit is free to everyone looking to join and get more exposure on their status updates, Findit Prime was launched to give even the most discerning customers a way to maximize their reach, and even capitalize on it too.

Findit Prime provides members with a collection of paid for services on Findit, which include a Unique Findit Address, Press Release Submissions on Findit, Promoted Posts, Unlimited URL Submission into Findit's Search Engine, and a 50% discount on the purchase of additional services already offered in prime.

Findit Unique Addresses:

A Findit Address is an extension of - such as or This is very similar to a domain address that you might purchase from GoDaddy. There are 3 reasons why you want a unique Findit address (or several): 1) people can easily find you by searching your unique address - each address only exists once on Findit, so once you have reserved or, no one else can reserve that URL. 2) Findit is crawled and indexed by search engines so by having a unique address rather than a random address, you are already one step ahead by providing Google a guide to what the content within your Findit Site is about. 3) Finally, unique Findit addresses are a way to brand yourself or the products or services you provide. If you are a store with multiple products, you can have a URL address for each product that you have, so when someone lands on that page, all the information there is about that specific product. The same goes for if you are an individual, blogger, business, or other entity - you can cater content specifically to each URL address.

Press Release Submission

Findit Prime also includes 4 press releases that are submitted through Findit and can be shared through other social sites. Findit Press releases can also be pulled into Right Now Status Updates, which allows members to craft even more customized, data rich status updates. Press Releases can include unlimited text, a photo gallery with unlimited photos, an embedded video from Vimeo or Youtube, and a header and banner image.

Promoted Posts

The most commonly created type of content on Findit is a Right Now Status Update. These are done through your Findit Account and can be within one of your Findit Sites, and if you have Prime, you receive one unique address, but have the option to purchase more. A single status update can include unlimited text, unlimited photos, a video link from Vimeo or Youtube, a press release that has been submitted through Findit and an audio file. Subscribers to Findit Prime receive a promoted post, which is a Right Now Status Update that Findit pushes out through our social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google + and more. This taps into our follower base, helping you reach more people exponentially.

URL Submission Into Findit Search

Findit is a social media site as well as a content management platform, but it is also a search engine. For those of you with your own website, as part of Findit Prime, you have access to submit as many URLs from your website or sites to index in Findit Search. The whole point of having a website is to have people go to it and see your content right? Submitting your site to Findit is just one more place for people to find you. When you submit a URL on Findit, you can include up to 80 characters that describe the URL and include a 220 character description which helps properly index your pages in Findit. You can also resubmit the same URL with different titles and descriptions to further your indexing in Findit Search.

Findit can be used as the 'central command post' so to speak for all your social media content. Because you can share status updates to over 80 other social networking sites, you only need to create each post once, on Findit, and then share it to each site depending on who you want to see your content. Moreover, anyone visiting Findit or other members on Findit can see and share your content and status updates to their social sites, furthering your content's reach.

Peter Tosto of Findit stated, "Not too many people thought years ago that Amazon would be what it is today, a place where, in many cases, people start their search on Amazon for a product that they are looking for. A while back, you typically went to Google first to do a search for a product to see where you could buy it and how much it costs. Now, many people start those same searches on Amazon. Where will people go to find the content about you or your organization in the near future? Findit gives you the content verticals Google loves to index, right inside your Findit account, the same way merchants put their products in Amazon you can post and upload your content onto your Findit pages."

Take control over your search results. Place everything you want people to see about you including your status updates in Findit. Give them your screen name or your Findit address and they will now see what you want them to see.

About Findit, Inc.

Findit, Inc., (OTC PINK: FDIT) owns which is a Social Media Content Management Platform that provides an interactive search engine for all content posted in Findit to appear in Findit search. The site is an open platform that provides access to Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines access to its content posted to Findit so it can be indexed in these search engines as well. Findit provides Members the ability to post, share and manage their content. Once they have posted in Findit, we ensure the content gets indexed in Findit Search results. Findit provides an option for anyone to submit URLs that they want indexed in Findit search result, along with posting status updates through Findit Right Now. Status Updates posted in Findit can be crawled by outside search engines which can result in additional organic indexing. All posts on Findit can be shared to other social and bookmarking sites by members and non-members. Findit provides Real Estate Agents the ability to create their own Findit Site where they can pull in their listing and others through their IDX account. Findit offers News and Press Release Distribution. Findit, Inc., is focused on the development of monetized Internet-based web products that can provide an increased brand awareness of our members. Findit, Inc., trades under the stock symbol FDIT on the OTC Pinksheets.

Safe Harbor:

This press release contains forward-looking information within the meaning of Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended (the "Exchange Act"), including statements regarding potential sales, the success of the company's business, as well as statements that include the word believe or similar expressions. Such forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that may cause the actual results, performance or achievements of Findit, Inc. to differ materially from those implied or expressed by such forward-looking statements. This press release speaks as of the date first set forth above, and Findit, Inc. assumes no responsibility to update the information included herein for events occurring after the date hereof. Actual results could differ materially from those anticipated due to factors such as the lack of capital, timely development of products, inability to deliver products when ordered, inability of potential customers to pay for ordered products, and political and economic risks inherent in international trade.


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