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The Stone Coin is Revolutionising the Real Estate & Blockchain Industry

Wednesday, October 31, 2018 12:15 PM
The Stone Coin AG
TRIESEN, LIECHTENSTEIN / ACCESSWIRE / October 31, 2018 / The blockchain industry has gone through a lot of ups & downs during the year 2018. A lot of the upheaval was due to the fear and resistance from established institutions & governments who ended up shutting down cryptocurrency exchanges. And various instances of cryptocurrency fraud during the last year make it clear that some sort of regulation might actually be a good thing to keep the investors protected. Hence a lot of blockchain innovators are working quite hard on finding the middle ground where the decentralised nature of blockchain meets the legislative approval of the traditional authorities. One such pioneer innovation in blockchain that has legislative approval and decentralised access of a distributed ledger is the 'STONE COIN'.

Most existing currency or payment tokens do not have intrinsic value and are very susceptible to market risks and hacking, which has been quite evident in the price fluctuations of these Crypto tokens. In order to solve this problem, the STONE COIN offers a trustworthy solution by introducing a unique Crypto token with an effective REAL SHIELD of real estate. The capital raised from the initial disbursement of the STONE COIN will be invested in the development of a substantial European real estate portfolio. This handpicked valuable real estate investment constitutes the REAL SHIELD of the STONE COIN. The continuous reinvestment of obtained real estate profits will create a continuous loop of wealth and value generation. But there is another very specific feature of the STONE COIN which makes it unique: the STONE COIN brings crypto currencies to the Point of Sales. There have been won more than 4.000 acceptance points in Europe already where you can pay with the STONE COIN in the near future. The network of acceptance points will be permanently increased and will grow steadily - throughout Europe. The special task force is very busy in the acquisition of more attractive acceptance points and is working together with a team of professionals that created a specialised APP for the purpose of paying at the PoS. The APP is already programmed, right now it is in the final testing phase and the team is led by an expert with more than 20 years of experience working for MasterCard. The APP is supposed to go fully active in May 2019 and can be used at already existing terminals. Very soon, acceptance points in all countries with the Euro and in Switzerland will be able to accept STONE COIN as means of payment. A Web-shop-link will follow soon thereafter.

The Stone Coin AG, Wednesday, October 31, 2018, Press release picture

The STONE COIN initiative thus intends to close a major gap in the blockchain industry, it offers the flexibility of a cryptocurrency, the possibility of PoS payments and the security of a REAL SHIELD which ensures the permanence of the network of acceptance points.

The real estate portfolio of THE STONE COIN AG will be managed by a selected team of experienced professionals, including Herbert Meierhofer and Michael Reinhold with a found real estate background as well as Prof. Dr. Rembert Horstmann as a brand management expert, and Klaus D. Stark and Dr. Albert Ziegler, experts in the field of Crypto Finance and ethics respectively. The real estate portfolio will be permanently documented on the official website to increase transparency. The number of total STONE COIN is fixed at One Billion tokens to ensure zero dilution in value due to further mining. THE STONE COIN AG complies with all the relevant legal requirements. According to the confirmation on hand by the FMA, the emission and the sales of STONE COIN as well as the operation of the payment respectively acceptance points network for the STONE COIN are not subject to any of these special laws. The STONE COIN can thus be issued, sold and used as a means of payment. Also, STONE COIN offers a physical wallet to facilitate both online and offline transactions for the token buyers. An IPO of THE STONE COIN AG and thus the real estate portfolio is planned for the year 2022, with the intention to accept FIAT and Crypto currencies (among those the STONE COIN). Like that STONE COIN owners can participate in the real estate investments through their STONE COIN.

The ICO of the STONE COIN starts Q4 of 2018 and a listing on various international exchanges will be sought for Q2 of 2019.

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