XinFin Dev Community Launches, Businesses and Individuals Can Now create Their Own Token Smart-Contracts in Minutes Without Coding Expertise
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XinFin Dev Community Launches, Businesses and Individuals Can Now create Their Own Token Smart-Contracts in Minutes Without Coding Expertise

Wednesday, October 31, 2018 9:00 AM
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SINGAPORE / ACCESSWIRE / October 31, 2018 / After successfully becoming an official ADGM banking participant, XinFin is now launching, an app that allows users to create smart contracts for token and asset tokenization without any programming or coding expertise in less than 5 minutes.

Aiming to take the decentralized ecosystem to the masses, XinFin Developer Community has built, an automated smart-contract or coin-creation contract app that will initially allow contract creation on Ethereum public chain with any of the ERC standards including ERC 20, ERC 223, ERC 721, ERC 888.

One of the XinFin Dev Community Members said, "The best part is users don't need to have a knowledge of Solidity, the programming language used for creating smart contracts. They just need to be well versed with wallet operations for asset tokenization or to create smart contract for ICO."

Payable in XDCE tokens,'s enterprise version will allow businesses deploy their own smart-contracts across industries like Supply Chain, ERP, Decentralized Credit, Closed Ecosystem Wallets with creation of private network on XinFin network by staking XinFin's native fuel called XDC. will provide hybrid bridge access to enterprises which enables them access all kinds of applications through Open restful APIs and connects them with other XinFin Network based private chains or Ethereum compatible smart-contracts or assets.

Sharing his views on the benefits of, Nishant Mitra, Blockchain Engineer and Indian Institute of Technology alumni said, "I've always believed hands-on is the best way to get started with blockchain education and is one such app that allows an individual digitize any kind of asset by crowdfunding contract creation or tokenization. Giving you first step towards financial independence can handle almost all kinds of asset classes included cars, houses, community coins, digital art, bonds, divided instruments etc. Since, it keeps your personal financial data like KYC or credit score locked with a secure private key, your assets remain secure and protected."

Click on the given link and know how to generate smart contract without code:

About XinFin

XinFin is a global open source Hybrid Blockchain protocol/platform with independent community contributors comprising of long term backers, network utility and tech developers. XinFin Network [XDCE] ( is a utility network that lets enterprises deploy real world applications on Hybrid Blockchain Protocol in a conducive, compliant and regulation friendly environment for diverse use cases in trade, finance, remittance, supply chain, healthcare and other industrial areas to improve business efficiency. Follow XinFin on Twitter (@XinFinF), Telegram (, Slack ( and contribute to GitHub ( channel.


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