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The Yingzi Technology FPF Future Pig Farm Will Revolutionise Pig Farming and the Whole Pig Industry

Monday, 22 October 2018 09:03 AM

Guangzhou Yingzi Technology LTD.

Yingzi Technology FPF Future Pig Farm, the intelligent engine that will drive forward the transformation and improvement of pig farming. It will revolutionise the pork industry!

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / October 22, 2018 / On the morning of October 19th, as the Platinum Sponsor of the 2018 Leman Pig Conference, Yingzi Technology held the "FPF Series Product Launch Conference" at Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center, and officially released the series products of its "FPF" Yingzi engine. It is understood that this is the third big product launch conference held by Yingzi Technology in 7 months after the global launch of its Pig Face Recognition 2.0 on July 16.

Guangzhou Yingzi Technology LTD., Monday, October 22, 2018, Press release picture

What is the Yingzi Tethnology?

Yingzi Technology was co-founded by a group of outstanding industrial scientists and IT talents in 2017. Based on Internet of Things, big data, blockchain, artificial intelligence, genetic engineering and other emerging technologies, it's committed to integrate agriculture with Internet to empower the entire "farm-to-table" industry chain, providing intelligent business ecosystem platform services and "BAG" digital solutions for this industry.

The co-founders of Yingzi Technology include CEO Dr.Jackson He(has once been the general manager of Intel Asia Pacific R&D Co., Ltd.), VP&CSO Dr. Haitao Jiang ,CTO Jason Xie, and CDO Dr. Qilai. They all have an experience in Silicon Valley over 20 years and are extensively experienced in high-technology areas like artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain, and internet of things.

What is the FPF Intelligence Engine?

As reported, "FPF " (the abbreviation of Future Pig Farm) pioneers a method of moving pig farm to the Internet, and represents a digital image of the farm and its production management on the Internet.

The Yingzi Intelligence Engine is an intelligent business ecosystem based on artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, big data, blockchain, genetic engineering and other technologies. It will provide "BAG" digital solutions for the entire swine industry from "farm to table" including farm, feed, management, trade, slaughter, supermarkets, tables and other industry links.

What products the "FPF" contains?

Use a formula to illustrate this question:

FPF = Yingzi Intelligence Engine + IoT Hardware of FPF series + Mobile/Internet Applications.

More specially, the Yingzi Intelligence Engine = pig industry experts / technology + IT experts / technology. The intelligent business ecosystem platform Yingzi-created, like the car engine, will empower a full transformation and upgrade of the swine industry.

Guangzhou Yingzi Technology LTD., Monday, October 22, 2018, Press release picture

What are the strengths of FPF series products?

At the first, the FPF series of IoT products are digitally threaded, and it means there is a human-pig-object-farm connection and digitalization on the Internet. At the same time, this intelligent connection also realizes automatic collection of data instead of hand-input, removing obstacles for the digitalization of the swine industry.

Secondly, the FPF, supported by the Intelligence Engine, is to provide the industry with an Internet pig farming platform which has tremendous capabilities that traditional farm management systems can't obtain, such as intelligent data calculation and analysis, intelligent control of equipment, automatic tasks push, and individualized and precise management of pigs.

Finally, FPF is a platform of industry-wide synergies and capabilities and resources sharing. It provides a variety of collaborative tools to make farming no longer a relatively isolated work, but a collaborative, socialized production activity. It's functions such as Veterinary Assistant, Peer Exchanges, etc., are not limited to only farmer, but achieving an industry collaboration by integrating third-party services and applications.

In summary, Intelligence Connection + Internet Intelligence Platform + Synergic Farming= FPF.

Guangzhou Yingzi Technology LTD.

Monica Wang

[email protected]

SOURCE: Guangzhou Yingzi Technology LTD

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