Soar to Offer the World's First Fully Decentralised Global Super-Map


Soar to Offer the World's First Fully Decentralised Global Super-Map

Tuesday, October 2, 2018 10:15 AM

PERTH, AUSTRALIA / ACCESSWIRE / October 2, 2018 / Soar is creating the world's first fully decentralized global super-map. By combining quality mapping imagery with blockchain technology, Soar will be the platform for the future of all mapping and geospatial content. This new breakthrough and global marketplace will usher in a new era for all mapping content and geospatial applications, and the Token Generation Event (TGE) is the first stage in this exciting state change.

The Soar super-map and marketplace will utilize and provide access to multiple geospatial data sources, including daily satellite imagery feeds, aerial imagery and detailed drone content collected by the global Soar community. This will create a world map that can show how an area has changed over time or give viewers the ability to overlay multiple data and imagery types across a given location. Soar will create a platform that has the ability to deliver a crowd-sourced knowledge model that serves the whole of humanity by creating a new way of dealing with location based data.

Examples of applications for Soar include monitoring crops in farming and agriculture, mapping and inspecting mine sites, equipment and tenements, monitoring and evaluating construction projects, sourcing footage for news, media and entertainment, and servicing any industry which requires visual or location-based information.

The Soar marketplace will function using the SkyMap (SKYM) tokens generated during the TGE. Users and buyers alike have the power to access and monetize all types of mapping imagery, satellite, and drone content via the marketplace, while at the same time allowing for an ever-expanding arena of use cases. Users with tokens will be able to purchase content, qualify individuals and organizations to sponsor content on the Soar platform, and create bounties for capturing imagery in specific areas.

"Our goal is simple, to bring together a dynamic platform that leverages the power of satellite, aerial and crowd-sourced imagery. In particular, we see the potential of AI and search in empowering the next generation of geospatial technology applications," Amir Farhand, CEO & founder of Soar.

Soar has established partnerships with major data providers Alibaba Cloud and Sinergise (which provides access to the European Space Agency's Sentinel satellite data). Additionally, Soar has attracted investment from some of the world's top blockchain technology investors including JRR Crypto, Node Capital, and Lateral Capital Ventures, while onboarding Krypital Group as a premier collaboration partner.

With the upcoming TGE providing the tokens for the Soar marketplace, the Soar platform is soon to be a game-changer for the mapping and geospatial industry due to its dynamic marketplace, decentralized distribution, and instant transaction process. Using blockchain technology to connect and share dynamic mapping data, the Soar super-map will become the ultimate platform and marketplace for global mapping and geospatial needs.

Further information:

Consumer adoption of drones and mapping tech has grown exponentially over the past few years and will continue to grow, with reports indicating that consumer drone shipments will reach 29 million by 2021. The geospatial industry itself is projected to reach 439.2 billion by 2020, of which drones will constitute $127 billion.

Problems that the Soar platform solves:

  • Underutilization of assets: approximately 80% of all satellite, aerial and drone imagery is only used once, Soar will bring this content to the masses.
  • De-centralized collaboration: Utilizing blockchain allows the Soar platform to build a global community, and create interoperability with multiple collaborations.
  • Accountability and authenticity: Soar will only be hosting the best content and from the most trusted sources. In the age of fake news, mapping systems and technology have a big part to play.

Soar was founded by Amir Farhand in recognition that the confluence of geospatial mapping and drone technology lacked a platform that accommodates and monetize the exponential growth of data, and that blockchain presented the ideal solution to create a secure and dynamic marketplace.

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