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Infervision Reaches 200-Hospital Milestone, Advances Global Medical Imaging Capabilities

Friday, 07 September 2018 07:00 AM



Infervision announced partnerships with 200 hospitals worldwide, becoming the largest AI platform for medical imaging professionals

TIANJIN, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / September 7, 2018 / Infervision, a tech company using deep learning and artificial intelligence to assist and improve medical image analysis, announced its 200th hospital partnership at the Infervision Global AI Forum in Tianjin, China. The Infervision AI imaging technology assists with an estimated 20,000 scans for lung cancer screening every day. Infervision's milestone achievement demonstrates the successful integration of AI technology into the global medical imaging workflow. Infervision is now the largest AI platform in the world (in terms of scan volume) for registered active medical professionals. The company recently hosted the Infervision Global AI Forum attended by over 100 top worldwide experts in the medical imaging and related fields.

"In the medical imaging industry, AI can free up more capacity and increase the value of doctors to effectively help distribute high-quality medical resources. Medical diagnostic technology can be made available to millions of households, to help solve the medical needs of China, and perhaps even the world's shortage of medical resources," Infervision founder & CEO Chen Kuan said.

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Eliot Siegel, Chairman of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) Medical Imagine Resource Committee commented, "The application of AI will lead to a real digital shift in traditional medical imaging, requiring AI and people to work together to meet the challenges of medical industry. In the process of lung nodule screening, Infervision is providing preemptive solutions that allow doctors to meet patients' needs in a short period of time."

In China, there is a real need for AI technology to aid medical professionals. The annual growth rate of medical imaging data in China is about 30 percent, while the annual growth rate of radiologists is only 4.1 percent. This means that many radiologists in China have to read tens of thousands of images every day, resulting in a serious imbalance between supply and demand for radiologists.

Globally, there is a similar stark difference between supply and demand of high-quality medical resources. In Japan, there are 52 MRI and 107 CT machines for every 1 million people, but the lack of medical professional to operate the machines and interpret the images is severe.

Norio Nakata, Professor and Chief Physician at the Department of Diagnostic Imagine and the Jikei University School of Neducube Commissioner has credited Infervision for closing this gap. "I am pleasantly surprised that AI has achieved so much." Nakata noted that in November 2017, Infervision was the only Chinese enterprise invited to join the National Strategic Special Zone of Japan for high-tech subjects.

Salvador Pedraza Gutierrez, Head of Neuroradiology, Hospital Josep Trueta, Girona, Spain, remarked, "Europe has a real problem of a lack of early screening for lung cancer with low-dose CT, and Infervision's AI has provided a rapid and effective early screening program for lung cancer from conventional chest X-ray images."

A good AI product needs to maintain high stability and accuracy in different medical environments. Infervision's CT lung product is highly sensitive to ground-glass nodules and micro-nodules, and currently has no reported missed diagnosis, creating a reliable tool for researchers and medical professionals.

Zhang Rongguo, Principal Investigator at Infervision Advance Institute, said, "The five-year survival rate after early lung cancer detection has reached 90 percent. Using AI will greatly enhance the cure rate of cancer."

At present, the global artificial intelligence industry is improving its capabilities and pushing the technological edge on a daily basis. As the first innovative company of AI medical imaging, Infervision's technology has become the market leader. Infervision is committed to using the most advanced AI technology to solve the most acute daily problems.

About Infervision

Infervision specializes in applying deep learning technology to medical image analysis. By utilizing massive medical data, Infervision creates clinically-valuable products and facilitates radiologists to make faster and more accurate diagnoses. Currently Infervision is collaborating with 200 hospitals. Infervision recently closed a $47 million Series B funding from Xianghe Capital, Sequoia Capital China, Qiming Venture Partners, and Genesis Capital. This funding follows an $18 million Series B funding from Qiming Venture Partners, Sequoia Capital China and Genesis Capital in September 2017. The Infervision founders and scientists studied at top universities and research institutions around the world. For more information, please visit

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SOURCE: Infervision

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