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DYNO and DYNOSTICS Partner with FC Barcelona

Monday, July 9, 2018 10:35 PM

BARCELONA, SPAIN / ACCESSWIRE / July 10, 2018 / DYNO, a leading blockchain marketplace for sports and metabolic data, partnered with the FC Barcelona football club. In the city, CEO Stefan Bartenschlager and Head of Sports Manni Günther met with the team's department of medicine and sports, lead by Dr. Franchek Drobnic. They all showed great enthusiasm for the initiative's DYNOSTICS advanced analytics device after it provided an efficient nutrition and performance test to one of the club's professional athletes.

The Barça club has won 20 European and World Titles in international club football and is one of the most valuable sports teams in the world. Some of its famous athletes include Lionel Messi, five-time world's best-soccer player award-winner, and Neymar, the most expensive soccer player of all time. A partnership with DYNO and the DYNOSTICS device will allow the team's sports-medical department to become more cost-efficient while receiving high quality data about their athletes. An improvement that serves the club's handball, basketball, and roller hockey teams as well.

Dr. Drobnic was impressed with the results. "This is just amazing: it is so easy to handle and the measurements are still 100% as exact as the medical stationary devices." While Spanish DYNOSTICS distributor Toni Mir, who was also present at the meeting, commented on the partnership's convenience. "We were looking for something like this for years -- an easy and cost-efficient way to analyze our athletes."

The new partnership comes amid an ongoing World Cup and other promising developments for DYNO. Recently, the team announced their work with other important partners such as Red Bull and the prestigious University of Leipzig.


DYNO is a data marketplace developed by DYNOSTICS, an established health-tech company with more than 45,000 users in over 26 countries and customers such as CleverFit and RedBull. It uses blockchain technology to enable users to store, share, and sell performance and metabolic data collected by DYNOSTICS' advanced analytics device. These potential buyers include hospitals, universities, research institutes, and insurance companies.

DYNOSTICS launched in 2016, lead by founders Stefan Bartenschlager and Peter Schweiger. Along with sports science expert Manfred Günther, they created an advanced analytics device designed to use the method of spiroergometry to determine users' performance and metabolic data.

To find out more about DYNO and DYNOSTICS visit the website and join the community.


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