Apex Farms Corp. Announces Issuance of Second Patent
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Apex Farms Corp. Announces Issuance of Second Patent

Friday, July 6, 2018 9:45 AM
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Company Update

WILMINGTON, DE / ACCESSWIRE / July 6, 2018 / Apex Farms Corp. (''Apex'' or the ''company'') is pleased to announce it has been issued another patent by the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office). To date, the company has been issued a total of two patents 9,795,097 and 10,004,188. Apex also filed a continuation patent application upon accepting the patent and hopes to be granted more patents in the future. Alexander M. Woods-Leo, the Founder and CEO of Apex, stated that ''These patents are significant contributions to the vertical farming sector as they have functional uses that allow vertical farming to become more versatile.''

Recently, Apex completed the construction of its first residential vertical system for a client in Wilmington Delaware. Originally, the Apex Vertical System was designed for commercial usage. However, after receiving an increased number of inquiries for a residential variation of the system, Apex modified the original system for home use. Mr. Woods-Leo went on to say "The company is currently in the process of making an even smaller variation of the Apex Vertical system that can eventually be boxed and sold at retail stores such as Lowes, Home Depot, and even Amazon.''

About Apex Farms Corp.

Apex Farms Corp. designs highly practical vertical growing systems that even the little guy can afford! We have analyzed, challenged, and worked out a system for growing food that can be accessible to everyone at relatively low prices. We see our community as the world at large, standardizing our farming method to create jobs, cultivate healthier eating opportunities, and reducing the carbon footprint is our main focus.

With global hunger on the rise, many farms face challenges in meeting demand due to the high costs of water, land, energy, and labor. Apex Farms Corp. has developed a Vertical Farming System to address this need. Using patented and patent-pending technology, the hydroponic system can grow a wide variety of plants, including vine plants, root plants, flowers, and greens. The planting rows are stacked to reduce overall resource use but are fully accessible for harvesting from the ground - no need for conveyor belts, scaffolding, or complex machinery. Ultimately, the company wants to achieve the highest levels of efficiency and allow clients to fully customize their farm.


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