Protégé Biomedical Launches New Sampling Program for Veterinary Practices

Protege Biomedical, LLC

Protégé Biomedical Launches New Sampling Program for Veterinary Practices

Tuesday, July 10, 2018 10:00 AM

MINNEAPOLIS, MN / ACCESSWIRE / July 10, 2018 / Protégé Biomedical, the makers of ClotIt® and ClotIt VETTM, is a medical device company that offers a proven line of hemostatic blood-stopping products to the veterinary professional. Today, Protégé Biomedical is pleased to announce a new, free sampling program for veterinary clinics in the US.

The ClotIt VET Sampling Program is for veterinary practices. It offers veterinary clinics samples of our sterile and non-sterile products. The ClotIt VET Sample Kit includes one long-tip sterile application, one sample of non-sterile use, brochures, literature, case studies, and clinical studies of our product. Veterinary practices can request a sample online at

"We are excited to launch this sampling program as it gets our 21st-century platform of sterile and non-sterile hemostasis products in the hands of veterinary professionals in all clinics, emergency facilities, and regular practices with a no-cost option to them," says Ron Shay, VP of Sales at Protégé Biomedical. "The goal of this sampling program is to get veterinary professionals to use ClotIt VET and see how it's superior science improves their results in any hemostatic surgical condition." After trial usage, ClotIt VET is available through any of the main-stream Veterinary Distributors listed below.

ClotIt VET's line of products is available through the following veterinary distributors: VEDCO Animal Health, Henry Schein Animal Health, Midwest Veterinary Supply, Miller Veterinary Supply, MWI Veterinary Supply, Patterson Veterinary, Penn Veterinary Supply, and First Veterinary Supply.

ClotIt VET features Protégé Biomedical's patented Ionic Hemostatic Mineral (IHM) Technology to stop bleeding and keep it stopped in wounds of all sizes for animals. ClotIt VET enhances an animals' own bodily functions to speed clotting and keep a clot firmly in place. With the launch of the ClotIt VET Sampling Program, veterinary clinicians can adopt a unique "Total Clinic Approach," and become totally prepared to meet the hemostatic demands of any day-to-day or emergency related hemostatic procedures.

For all inquiries about the ClotIt VET Sampling Program or Protégé Biomedical's line of hemostatic products, please contact Ron Shay at [email protected] or +1 (480) 227-7696. Please note that this sampling program is a limited time offer and will continue while supplies last.

About the Company

Protégé Biomedical is a medical device company with a unique and patented line of hemostatic products developed to stop bleeding fast and keep it stopped, in animals and, pending FDA clearance, humans. Protégé Biomedical's hemostatic platform uses a patented compound of all-natural minerals designed to work with the body's own bodily functions to accelerate natural clotting, and quickly establish faster, harder clots.

SOURCE: Protégé Biomedical, LLC